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RELOCATION–Redevelopment Affects Businesses on the Same Block Printer, Graphics Designer a Step Ahead in Moving

With redevelopment plans moving ahead, a printer and graphics designer are in the midst of plans to relocate.

Although the two companies are dealing with the same moving issues as other small businesses in their block, the owners are at least one step ahead when it comes to changing their stationery and business cards.

Located on Laurel Street, between 4th and 5th avenues, Apex Type & Graphics and Advantage Printing are preparing to vacate their spaces by July 1.

A new owner is redeveloping the block where the companies are currently situated with plans to build commercial space at ground level, condominiums above and a parking structure below, according to Garrison Fletcher, design executive of Apex.

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Although general redevelopment plans have been in place since Apex opened its doors 10 years ago, nothing ever came of it, Fletcher said, adding that for unknown reasons, past property owners never went that far with their plans.

Attracted to the property initially for its inexpensive price, Fletcher is not eager to move from this location by July 1.

Although giving up a good location, customer parking and customer stability, Fletcher is maintaining the attitude that everything happens for a reason.

– Planning For A

Smooth Transition

Knowing the move is inevitable, he is building plans for a smooth transition and keeping an eye on opportunities. Fletcher is slowing down and making sure that he only takes on projects that he can handle and schedule around the move.

Right now, he has one major project and has hopes to move before or after the assignment comes to a head, he said.

While he has found a few possible locations that fall into a wide range of prices, Fletcher said he hasn’t found a place that feels like home yet.

His final decision will be determined in part by whether he pursues an undisclosed business venture, he said.

In addition, Fletcher is looking at incorporating Web design into current services after moving. He also plans on instituting a more upscale image for the company.

He hopes to have a place by May and plans on moving in June, he said, adding that he expects it will take about two weeks before he settles in at a new place.

– Managing How To

Move Equipment

Luckily, relocation involves moving mostly small things like printers and other equipment that can be transferred in a car, he said. In a worst case scenario, Fletcher said he could work from his home if necessary, as well.

The move will also be used to do a little “spring cleaning,” he said. Fletcher will figure what can be stored and what needs to go into the filing cabinets in the office so the office can become tidier.

Being in the design business, Fletcher knows the drill for updating business cards, letterhead, envelopes and other items for the move. Although he plans on alerting his customers of his new location through a letter, he said he hopes to keep his phone number, realizing that it can be invaluable.

At this time, Fletcher may have to get a new number based on the locations he is keeping in mind, he said.

While the details are still up in the air, Fletcher is fairly certain that he will find something that he can work with.

Until last week, everything was pretty much in the air for Advantage Printing as well. Elfrieda Peggins, owner of the company, which prints letterhead, envelopes, fliers, brochures and other items, recently signed a lease as planned.

– Ready To Move

Into Larger Building

Her goal was to find something by this month, she said. Although the relocation was pushed by the redevelopment plans, Peggins was ready to move into something a little roomier.

“It’s definitely a good time to move,” she said.

In the beginning, the inexpensive price of the property appealed to Peggins, who moved into the location in 1998. She started the business a year earlier in her garage.

Knowing that the property was going to be redeveloped eventually, Peggins said she was ready to move out of the 800-square-foot facility and into something larger.

The company will move into a building that is almost twice as large that is located at 3630 Hancock St., Suite B, in San Diego, she said, adding that it will be ready for her May 1.

While she was looking, Peggins knew that she needed to find a place where she could see outside. She also knew that she needed to allow enough time for electrical work to be done, since she needed to have enough power to run the machines.

– Finding The Right

Place At Right Time

For Peggins, finding a place in time was one of the important things. Advantage Printing’s phone number is also important, since most people call instead of visiting the business, she said.

Although she knows where she is headed, she is not certain if she will be able to keep her number.

While the stressful part is over for now, Peggins is consumed with the actual moving plans. She hopes to move everything during the weekend and have a seamless transition, she said.

The plan: close on Friday as normal, move, and then open at the new location at 9 a.m. Monday for business as usual, she said.

Checklist for Relocating a Business

Although there are many things to consider when relocating a business anywhere, a checklist can be helpful, especially for a first-time mover.

Referring to “The Small Company Moving Guide,” by Diane Touleyrou, the Small Business Administration Web site at (www.sba.gov) offers the following:

– Negotiate release of current lease if necessary.

– Reserve new phone numbers or arrange to transfer existing ones.

– Prepare artwork for announcement letter, business cards, stationery and envelopes.

– Get change of address cards from the post office.

– Make appointments with the utility companies for cutting off and hooking up new services.

– Schedule phone installation.

– Design new office space, including use of old furniture or purchase of new furniture.

– Establish criteria for purging files and throwing out old materials.

– Have custom wiring installed for computer/telephone networks.

– Inform current customers of move.

– Arrange for extra help to pack, clean and unpack.

– Arrange for extra help at home for family needs.

The site also offers other things to consider when moving, such as:

– Saving all receipts since moving expenses are tax deductible.

– Using the move as a reason to store or throw away obsolete paperwork.

– Considering the upgrade of equipment such as telephone systems or computer networks.

– Deciding whether or not you want to keep office furniture. (Unwanted office furniture can be donated to charity for a tax deduction.)

– Choosing whether you will do the packing and moving, or whether you will hire professional help.

– Labeling all boxes clearly.

– Ordering new stationery and literature with the company location after the new address, telephone number and official moving date has been finalized.


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