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Quotes of the Year

The San Diego Business Journal’s Week in Review page includes the Quote of the Week, an insightful look into the events and people making news in San Diego County. Here are some of the best from 2006:

Jan. 23:

‘It was perplexing. But after a number of years of covering the stock I’ve come to see that we’re all wrong to be perplexed. I discovered after awhile that Mr. Zable (Walter J. Zable) is, in fact, going to live forever and I’ve become quite comfortable with that notion.’

, Paul Coster of JP Morgan Securities Inc. in New York.

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Jan. 30:

‘The issue of uninsured and under-insured should concern the business community, as it is one of the main reasons insurance premiums continue to rise for employers, and co-pays and deductibles are increasing for employees.’

, Don Stanziano, spokesman for Scripps Health.

Feb. 6:

‘You can go out there and buy farmland, get mapped and up and running and selling homes in less than a year. And, they’ll give you a hug and a cup of coffee in the morning. Imperial County is not San Diego County. It’s different.’

, John Mecklenburg of John Laing Homes, on building in Imperial County.

Feb. 20:

‘It’s already the women who predominately explore our services for them and their families. They clearly hold the power.’

, JoAnn Arlen of San Diego Travel Group.

Feb. 27:

‘All successful CEOs in America today are salesmen. The art of selling is the secret of America’s success.’

, Steve Games, chief executive officer, Prudential California Realty.

March 6:

‘Every known specialty says, “Screw insurance, I’m calling myself a spa.” ‘

, Dr. Mitchel Goldman, Spa MD.

March 20:

‘We are not downtown San Diego, we are not UTC, we are Del Mar.’

, Robert Vicino, on a plan to expand the Flower Hill Promenade mall.

April 3:

‘San Diego, for the first time in its entire history, is being looked at worldwide as a place to put money in real estate.’

, Lou Galuppo, professor at the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate at the University of San Diego.

April 10:

‘It’s difficult for hospitals to understand, so I can appreciate that it would be difficult to understand for jurors. We were hoping there would be some clarity, but we’ll wait and see.’

, Steven Escoboza, CEO of the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties, on the Tenet case.

May 8:

‘Don’t come to me and tell me you’re going to boycott my business over some dispute I have no control over and expect me to be on your side; you’re an idiot if you believe that’s going to happen.’

, Michael Shelby, owner, San Diego Harley-Davidson, on a labor dispute at KGTV Channel 10.

May 15:

‘I would expect … a congratulatory note because we took a pile of manure and turned it into a pot of gold.’

, Tom King, CEO, San Diego Community Bank, on the bank’s recent sale.

May 29:

‘To have a vote on this issue at this time is a waste of time and energy and will divide the citizenry and that’s not supportive of the Marine Corps.’

, Doug Manchester, on putting Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on the ballot as a possible site for a new airport.

June 5:

‘Years ago, when I rolled in for the first time, I wanted to turn around and get out of there. It’s a gem to behold that everybody should be proud of.’

, Matthew Adams of the Building Industry Association of San Diego, on downtown San Diego’s transformation.

June 19:

‘It’s a good thing, remodeling these buildings, because it’s making other building owners aware you cannot have tired buildings and compete.’

, Frank Wright of Grubb & Ellis, commenting on the Irvine Co.’s $36 million effort to remodel its six office buildings in downtown San Diego.

July 3:

‘Ultimately, the goal they want to achieve is to eliminate credit unions. They don’t want consumers to have a choice in the type of financial services they want.’

, Bill Cheney, president and CEO of the California/Nevada Credit Union League, speaking on the banking industry.

July 17:

‘We are a platform for growth for the United States in high-knowledge industries, such as biotech and high-tech, and our traditional business is in a growth mode.’

, Jessie J. Knight Jr., speaking about the San Diego region.

July 31:

‘It’s a spectacular place to live. Live being the key word. You can do anything you want to do here except snow ski, but that’s just an hour away. Life is really great here.’

, George Mullen, who is proposing that San Diego change its slogan from ‘America’s Finest City’ to ‘City of Life.’

Aug. 7:

‘An equivalent property in San Diego, you’d pay five to 10 times more. You can get a $300,000 condo with an ocean view in Rosarito and Ensenada, compared to $1.5 million in La Jolla.’

, Russ Schreier, founder of Del Mar-based Finance North America.

Aug. 14:

‘Our beer styles are 100 percent consistent with our own taste. We are talented, to be honest.’

, Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing Co.

Aug. 28:

‘We are a living laboratory. I had folks here today from the city of Orange and Newport Beach wanting to know the mechanics of urban building and financing and planning the product.’

, Sherm Harmer, president, Downtown Residential Marketing Alliance.

Sept. 4:

‘San Diego County (is) quickly running out of industrial land. There are two significant areas where there remains industrial land , Otay in the south end and Oceanside in the north end.’

, Ross Grano, principal, Hamann Properties.

Sept. 11:

‘We have our first million-dollar homes in Santee, people with big financial stakes here. There is a sense that there is a lot of opportunity in Santee and unrealized potential.’

, Santee City Manager Keith Till.

Oct. 2:

‘The only thing we go north for are certain ice creams. You want a junior bacon burger? You go across the border. We have everything here.’

, Dave La Barre, president and founder of Mi Casa del Mar, talking about living in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.

Oct. 9:

‘The bulk of buyers recognize that the ballpark district is a very exciting place to be, and is quickly being surrounded by high-quality projects , major investments.’

, Richard Garcia, development manager of the Icon mixed-use project.

Oct. 16:

‘There’s going to be a lot more millionaires after this, that’s for sure.’

, Bud Leedom, publisher of the California Stock Report, talking about Science Applications International Corp.’s initial public offering.

Oct. 23:

‘The use of genetic information is just in kindergarten class, we haven’t even gotten to first grade yet and we’re far away from graduation.’

, Dr. Jeff Kamil, chief medical officer for Blue Cross of California.

Nov. 6:

‘If you bring the poor into the financial system, they don’t ever think about terrorism.’

, Chris Crane, Opportunity International’s chief executive officer, talking about programs that make loans to the poor to launch businesses.

Nov. 13:

‘We entrepreneurs are all addicted to starting businesses. I think people who start businesses should start enjoying the ride instead of working for their retirement.’

, Jon Carder, who is launching Mojopages, a Web site that will allow users to write reviews and rate local businesses.

Nov. 20:

‘San Diego is a great place to be an owner. We are very optimistic about where the market is headed.’

, Liza Strom, leasing director for Equity Office.

Nov. 27:

‘With the housing market being the poster child of the slowdown, one would think that, overall, there is less construction, and pressure for labor would be reduced, and raw material prices would go down. But we have not seen it yet.’

, Ron Hall, executive vice president of the Southern California division of McCarthy Building Cos. Inc.

Dec. 4:

‘It’s bad for any area to be perceived as anti-business.’

, Retail analyst George Whalin, commenting on the San Diego City Council decision affecting Wal-Mart.

Dec. 11:

‘The flu is a pretty serious thing … It can be devastating to any business.’

, Dr. Joe Scherger, who practices at the UC San Diego Medical Center.

Dec. 18:

‘It is critical to remember that this is still a work function and anything you say or do could affect your standing with your employer.’

, John A. Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., referring to holiday work parties.


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