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Synbiotics Corp. provides rapid diagnostic and laboratory diagnostic products for the animal health care industry.

Total number of shares outstanding as of Oct. 18, 1999 9,190,000

Price of each share of common stock on Oct. 18, 1999 $2.50

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Aggregate market value as of Oct. 18, 1999 $22,975,000

Performance Record

For year ended Dec. 31, in thousands, except per-share data

1998 1997 1996

Revenues $31,696 $23,618 $17,627

Net income (loss) $(1,911) $208 $9,278

Net income (loss) per share $(0.23) $0.02 $1.46

Total assets $45,446 $41,627 $[something missing here?]


Patrick Owen Burns, 61, has been a director since 1997. He has been a senior consultant of Early Stage Enterprises, L.L.C. since October 1997. He is also a director of Progen Industries, Ltd.

Kenneth M. Cohen, 44, has been a director, president and CEO since May 1996.

James C. DeCesare, 68, has been a director since 1993. He has been a consultant to the animal health and pharmaceutical industries since 1992.

Brenda D. Gavin, 50, has been a director since 1996. She is president of S. R. One, Ltd., a venture capital firm, and a director of Oxis International, Inc.

M. Blake Ingle, 57, has been a director since 1994. He is also a director of Corvas International and Vical, Inc.

Joseph Klein III, 38, has been a director since 1998. He has been a health care analyst for The Kaufmann Fund since June 1998. He is also a director of Guilford Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Donald E. Phillips, 66, has been a director since 1987 and chairman since August 1994. He is also a director of Great Lakes REIT, Inc. and Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan.

Executive Compensation

Officers Cash Compensation

Kenneth M. Cohen, president and CEO $273,164

Francois Guillemin, vice president $154,231

Serge Leterme, vice president $115,489

Paul A. Rosinack, vice president $189,933

Gregory A. Soulds, director of business development $126,736

Significant Stock Ownership

Number of shares Percent

Gruber & McBaine Capital Management 1,100,100 11.6

S. R. One, Limited 974,902 10.2

Merial SAS 621,378 6.5

All executive officers and directors as a group (11 persons) 1,697, 202 17.8

Other Information

Headquarters: 11011 Via Frontera, San Diego, CA 92127; (858) 451-3771; fax (858) 451-5719; (www.synbiotics.com).

Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP, San Diego

Information was compiled from the company’s annual and proxy reports.


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