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Publisher’s Notebook — Elements of Leadership Are Key

Summer is nearly upon us.

Where the heck did the first half of this year go? It seemed like yesterday that we were released from the Y2K epidemic.

Everyone will agree that the economy is rolling along on cruise control. Even though the stock market is causing antacid tablets to be the leading consumer product, it too will eventually level out and begin to gain momentum.

Investors have become accustomed to huge stock gains, and when the inevitable corrections cycle begins then we really get upset. One thing that hasn’t changed is the reason many companies are doing so well. The main ingredient in any recipe for success has to include two cups of good employees in the mixture.

Our unemployment rate continues to stay under 3 percent, which makes the search for quality new members of the team hard to find. One thing that employers need to focus on is the way we treat our current teammates. Not as many new faces are needed if we don’t drive as many away with an uncaring attitude. We tend to find the right person, train them and then ignore them.

If someone doesn’t feel appreciated they will become a candidate for a recruiter from another firm.

Leadership by all levels of the company is more important than pay, perks and time off. All employees demand that they have a coach that is leading by example. The obvious question is, what is the definition of leadership?

This doesn’t necessarily qualify as a definition but it fits here as an example.

James Miller in his book, “Best Boss, Worst Boss” gives this outline on what to look for:

L Listening. Leaders listen with an open mind to other players and coaches.

E Empowering viewpoint. They delegate and enable others to act.

A Ambition. They have goals, imagination and vision, as well as ability.

D Desire. They show enthusiasm, drive and determination.

E Example. They serve as a role model for the ideals they believe: honesty, common sense, and hard work.

R Respect. Leaders respect individuals and build self-esteem.

S Self-esteem. They show poise and believe in themselves, so they don’t “have something to prove” to others.

H Heart. They empathize and encourage.

I Initiative. They have the energy and ability to make things happen.

P Patience. They are slow to criticize, quick to praise.


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