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PROXY–RF Industries, LTD.

RF Industries, Ltd. has two operating divisions, the RF Connector Division and RF Neulink Division, both of which are involved in the design, manufacture and sale of communications equipment.


Total number of shares outstanding as of April 10, 2000 3,150,000

Price of each share of common shares on April 10, 2000 $6.69

Aggregate market value as of April 10, 2000 $21,073,500

Performance Record

For year ended Oct. 31 except per-share data

1999 1998 1997

Net sales $6,140,128 $6,517,540 $6,831,291

Net income (loss) $823,901 $756,999 $600,904

Net income (loss) per share $0.23 $0.21 $0.17

Total assets $6,936,589 $6,259,923 $5,155,659


Jack A. Bens, 66, has been director since 1990. He is an electronics engineer.

John R. Ehret, 62, has been director since 1991. He is the vice president, chief financial officer and co-owner of TPL Electronics.

Howard F. Hill, 59, has been director since 1979 and president since July 1993.

Henry E. Hooper, 46, has been director since 1998 and has served as director of the performance development team at TESSCO Technologies.

Robert Jacobs, 48, has been director since 1997. He is an account executive with the company and handles the company’s investor relations.

Executive Compensation

Officers Cash Compensation

Howard Hill, CEO and director $150,000

Significant Stock Ownership

Number of shares Percent

Oct. 31, 1999

Hytek International, Ltd. 1,267,167 41.2

Howard Hill 541,000 17.1

All directors and officers as a group (6 persons) 758,455 24.0

Other Information

Headquarters: 7610 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126; (858) 549-6340; fax (858) 549-6345; (www.rfindustries.com)

Auditors: John Cohn LLP, San Diego

Information was compiled from the company’s annual report and proxy reports.


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