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Proxy , Natural Alternatives International

Nasdaq , NAII

Natural Alternatives International, Inc. provides private-label contract manufacturing services to companies that market and distribute vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional supplements, as well as other health-care products to consumers, both within and outside the United States. Under its direct-to-consumer marketing program, NAI develops, manufactures and markets its own products, and works with physicians to develop brand-name products. NAI manufactures products in a variety of forms, including capsules, tablets, chewable wafers and powders to accommodate a variety of consumer preferences. The company’s private-label contract manufacturing customers include companies that market nutritional supplements through direct sales marketing channels, direct response television and retail stores.


Total number of shares outstanding as of Nov. 25 6,000,000

Price of each share of common stock on Nov. 25 $5.58

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Aggregate market value as of Nov. 25 $33,480,000

Performance Record

For year ended June 30, in thousands, except per-share data.

2005 2004 2003

Total revenues $91,492 $78,534 $55,962

Net income (loss) $2,199 $3,000 $1,105

Net income (loss) per share $.34 $.48 $.18

Total assets $44,138 $42,468 $30,724


Mark LeDoux, 51, director since 1986.

Joe Davis, 71, director since 2000.

Lee Weldon, 66, director since 1992.

Alan Dunn, 50, director since 2004.

Alan Lane, 43, director since 2004.

Executive Compensation

Officer 2005 Cash Compensation

Mark LeDoux, chief executive officer $249,176

Randell Weaver, president and secretary $286,659

John Reaves Jr., chief financial officer $197,285

Timothy Belanger, senior vice president, sales and marketing $202,635

Mark Zimmerman, vice president, operations $195,433

John Wise, chief scientific officer $199,341

Robert Kay, vice president, science and technology $199,081

Significant Stock Ownership

Number of shares Percent

Oct. 4

Mark LeDoux 1,423,078 19.3

Carl Terranova 399,900 5.42

Randell Weaver 343,000 4.65

Directors and officers as a group (10 people) 2,560,967 34.72

Other Information

Headquarters: 1185 Linda Vista Drive, San Marcos, CA 92078; (760) 744-7340; fax (760) 744-9589.

Web site: www.nai-online.com.

Auditors: Ernst & Young LLP.

Employees: 208.

Industry: Drug-related products.

Information was compiled from the company’s annual and proxy reports.


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