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Proxy , Iomega Corp.


Iomega Corp. designs and markets products that help customers protect, secure, capture and share their valuable digital information. Iomega Corp. has organized its products into three business categories: Mobile and Desktop Storage Products; Professional Storage Products; and New Technologies. Iomega’s Mobile and Desktop Storage Products include Zip drives, compact disc re-writable (CD-RW) drives, digital versatile disc (DVD) re-writable drives, hard disk drives (HDD), portable HDD drives, external hard drives, universal serial bus (USB) flash drives, solid state memory devices, floppy drives and software. Professional Storage Products includes REV drives, REV-based Autoloader, Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers and after-market service plans. New Technologies includes development work on a small-form factor removable flexible magnetic storage device (referred to as Digital Capture Technology or DCT).


Total number of shares outstanding as of Aug. 12 51,600,000

Price of each share of common stock on Aug. 12 $3.24

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Aggregate market value as of Aug. 12 $167,184,000

Performance Record

For year ended Dec. 31, in thousands, except per-share data.

2004 2003 2002

Total revenues $328,663 $391,344 $614,094

Net income (loss) ($36,677) ($18,861) $34,719

Net income (loss) per share ($0.71) ($0.37) $0.68

Total assets $227,502 $286,741 $627,599


Robert Berkowitz, 69, director since 1983.

Bruce Darling, 52, director since 2004.

Stephen David, 56, director since 2002.

Margaret Hardin, 32, director since 2004.

Werner Heid, 46, director since 2000.

John Nolan, 77, director since 2001.

Jonathan Huberman, 39, director since 2004.

Executive Compensation

Officer 2004 Cash Compensation

Werner Heid, chief executive officer and president $484,135

Anna Aguirre, vice president, human resources and facilities $220,962

Sean Burke, executive vice president, consumer solutions and operations $454,000

Thomas Kampfer, executive vice president, business solutions, general

counsel and secretary $364,615

Gregory Rhine, former vice president and general manager $225,712

Barry Zwarenstein, former vice president, finance, and chief financial officer $218,698

Significant Stock Ownership

Number of shares Percent

Dec. 31

Wellington Management Co., LLP 4,960,000 9.61

Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc. 3,693,589 7.16

033 Asset Management, LLC 3,187,200 6.1

Directors and officers as a group (11 people) 339,125 *

* Indicates less than 1 percent as of March 15.

Other Information

Headquarters: 10955 Vista Sorrento Parkway, San Diego 92130; (858) 314-7000;

fax (858) 314-7001.

Web site: www.iomega.com.

Auditors: BDO Seidman, LLP.

Employees: 462.

Industry: Data storage devices.

Information was compiled from the company’s annual and proxy reports.


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