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PROXY–Avanir Pharmaceuticals

vanir Pharmaceuticals discovers, develops and markets therapeutic products to treat human diseases.


Total number of shares outstanding as of Feb. 8, 2000 46,500,000

Price of each share of common stock on Feb. 8, 2000 $2.47

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Aggregate market value as of Feb. 8, 2000 $114,855,000.00

Performance Record

For year ended, Sept. 30, in thousands, except per share data

1999 1998 1997

Revenues $147 $591 $1,548

Net income (loss) $(8,554) $(8,211) $(11,109)

Net income (loss) per share $(0.21) $(0.21) $(0.30)

Total assets $1,765 $7,654 $15,727


Dennis J. Carlo, 56, has been director since June 1998. He has also served as co-founder and director of Immune Response Corp. since 1987 and served as its president and CEO since 1994.

Edward L. Hennessy, 71, has been director since June 1998. He is currently retired. He is also a director of The Wackenhut Corp.

Kenneth E. Olson, 63, has been director since August 1988. From July 1984 to June 1994, he was the chairman of Proxima Corp. He is also a director of Digirad Corp.

George P. Rutland, 67, has been director and chairman since June 1998. Since 1995, he served as chairman, CEO and director of Taipan Corp.

Michael W. George, 51, has been director since June 1998. Since August 1998, he has been a director at UroCor, Inc., and since October 1999 he has served as president and CEO of the company.

James B. Glavin, 64, has been director since February 1999. Since May 1993, he served as chairman of Immune Response Corp. He also serves as director of Inhale Therapeutic Systems, Inc. and the Meridian Fund.

Gerald J. Yakatan, 57, has been director since April 1992. Since March 1998, he has served as president and CEO of the company. He is also a director of DemTech International and the Center of Neurologic Study.

Executive Compensation

Officers Cash Compensation

Gerald Yakatan, president and CEO $300,000

James Berg, vice president of clinical affairs and product development $125,000

J. David Hansen, vice president of sales and marketing $165,000

Gregory Hanson, vice president and CFO $110,000

Timothy Russell, former vice president of business development and licensing $102,533

Significant Stock Ownership

Number of shares Percent

David H. Katz 3,366,193 7.0

All directors and officers as a group (11 persons) 1,965,621 4.1

Other Information

Headquarters: 9393 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 200, San Diego CA 92121-3016; (858) 558-0364; fax (858) 453-5845; (www.avanir.com)

Auditors: Deloitte & Touche LLP, San Diego

Information was compiled from the company’s annual and proxy reports.


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