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Proxy , Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Nasdaq , ACAD

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of small molecule drugs for the treatment of central nervous system disorders. In 2004, Acadia had four drug programs in clinical development and several additional programs in preclinical and discovery stages. The company’s three Phase II clinical programs are ACP-103 for treatment-induced dysfunctions in Parkinson’s disease, ACP-103 as an adjunctive therapy for schizophrenia, and ACP-104 for the treatment of schizophrenia. Acadia has retained worldwide commercialization rights for these programs. The company also has a neuropathic pain program in Phase I clinical trials and a glaucoma program in preclinical development, each in collaboration with Allergan, Inc. Using its drug discovery platform, Acadia has discovered all of the drug candidates in its product pipeline.


Total number of shares outstanding as of Feb. 3 23,500,000

Price of each share of common stock on Feb. 3 $14.33

Aggregate market value as of Feb. 3 $336,755,000

Performance Record

For year ended Dec. 31, in thousands, except per-share data.

2004 2003 2002

Total revenues $4,604 $7,378 $6,276

Net income (loss) $25,917 $14,092 $12,868

Net income (loss) per share $.87 $1.46 $2.23

Total assets $40,365 $31,693 $16,023


Leslie Iversen, 67, chairman since 2000.

Gordon Binder, 69, director since 2003.

Mark Brann, 46, director since 1997.

Mary Ann Gray, 52, director since 2005.

Uli Hacksell, 54, director since 2000.

Lester Kaplan, 54, director since 1997.

Torsten Rasmussen, 60, director since 1998.

Martien van Osch, 34, director since 2003.

Alan Walton, 69, director since 2003.

Executive Compensation

Officer 2004 Cash Compensation

Uli Hacksell, chief executive officer $435,933

Mark Brann, president and chief scientific officer $365,681

Bo-Ragnar Tolf, vice president, chemistry and managing director $321,927

Thomas Aasen, vice president and chief financial officer $309,687

Robert Davis, executive vice president, drug discovery development $308,564

Significant Stock Ownership

*Number of shares Jan. 31 *Percent

Alan Walton 2,608,815 14.4

Oxford Bioscience Partners IV affiliates 2,599,815 14.4

Lonmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond 1,123,952 6.2

Sepracor Inc. 1,077,029 6

OrbiMed Advisors LLC affiliates 1,036,009 5.7

Wellington Management Co. LLP affiliates 1,000,514 5.5

Federated Kaufmann Fund affiliates 936,009 5.2

Directors and officers as a group (13 people) 6,748,956 30.1

* The beneficially owned number of shares and percentages were drafted exactly from the proxy statement, which includes duplications.

Other Information

Headquarters: 3911 Sorrento Valley Blvd., San Diego, CA 92121; (858) 558-2871; fax (858) 558-2872.

Web site: www.acadiapharm.com.

Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Employees: 101.

Industry: Biotech.

Information was compiled from the company’s annual and proxy reports.


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