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Proposed 241 Toll Road Needed to Alleviate Traffic


I’m glad someone is finally sticking up for drivers. Thank you for your recent notebook (“Eco-Extremists Have Made Proposed Foothill South Toll Road 10-Year Drive to ‘Nowheresville,’ ” July 23) about the debate surrounding the completion of the (proposed state Route) 241 toll road.

Those of us who drive the Interstate 5 freeway between San Diego and Orange counties know that an alternative is badly needed.

The project has undergone years of environmental planning.

If it’s not built, cars will continue to idle in traffic and we will have no choice but to crawl along crowded freeways.

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This alternative is needed to alleviate the traffic.

Thanks for pointing out that many of the opponents of this project are extremists who don’t offer realistic solutions to our Southern California traffic problems.

Sherry Hodges



Thank you for your story about environmentalists’ efforts to block the completion of the proposed 241 Toll Road. I consider myself environmentally aware and I support the road.

Traffic on the 5 is horrendous and getting worse by the month.

The environmental impacts of current and future traffic congestion are often overlooked by “environmental” groups.

Alternate modes of transportation are desperately needed; however, automobiles and traffic congestion are going to remain for the foreseeable future.

I commute from Oceanside to Orange County and I see it every day. I support making sure the road is built with as much sensitivity as possible.

But building infrastructure is part of preserving the quality of life in Southern California.

Who wants to spend hours on the freeway when they could be home with their family or enjoying whatever they do for fun?

Finish the 241 , we need more roads, not more roadblocks.

John Whitman



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