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60.9 F
San Diego
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Northwest Tanning Business Hits the Beach, 20 More on the Way

San Diego’s sun-drenched beaches do not preclude the city from being an ideal target for the tanning salon business.

Bareq Peshtaz, vice president of franchise sales for Maple Valley, Wash.-based Desert Sun Tanning Salons, says that San Diego’s youthful demographic and climate make it the perfect site for indoor tanning.

“The attitude in San Diego is young, fun and trendy,” Peshtaz said.

In March, Desert Sun opened its first local franchise on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach.

“If you’re going to put your brand out there in this trendy city, you want to locate in Pacific Beach,” Peshtaz said.

Founded in 2000, the business opened its first store in Washington before licensing the concept in 2003.

By 2005, the company began franchising, adding 20 to 30 stores a year.

Franchise fees include an operational fee of $50,000, with an initial investment between $333,300 and $622,500.

Now a player in the $5 billion tanning industry, Desert Sun will open 22 local stores, thus creating about 125 new jobs in the region within the next three to four years, Peshtaz says.

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Powell’s Sweet Shoppe Opening Newest Franchise Location:

Entrepreneur Michael Powell founded Windsor-based Powell’s Sweet Shoppe in 2003, hoping to re-create a nostalgic representation of the neighborhood candy store.

Now a franchise, Powell’s Sweet Shoppe USA LLC has announced a May opening for its store at 1000 Prospect St., its 14th location in the United States.

Melissa Gibson, the store’s franchisee, is a San Diego resident and says that she is excited to bring Powell’s to La Jolla.

“When you step into a Powell’s Sweet Shoppe, it’s like taking a walk down memory lane and being reminded of good things and good times,” said Gibson.

Decorated with classic photographs, games and signs, the store features an area with old-fashioned theater seats in front of a screen that will show a “Willy Wonka” movie during business hours.

The estimated investment required to obtain a franchise and open a store runs between $370,000 and $440,000, depending on size and location.

Franchisees pay 6 percent of sales weekly as a royalty, and each store (both company-owned and franchises) pays an additional 2 percent of sales into a national marketing fund, according to the Powell’s Web site.

With more than 5,000 varieties of candy, sweet lovers can find assortments of fudge and gelato at the newest Powell’s location.

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