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Nonprofit Profile – Int’l. Institute for Human Factor Development Inc.


Name: Senyo Adjibolosoo

Title: President

Organization: International Institute for Human Factor Development Inc.

Mission of organization: Researching the significance of the human factor to the development process.

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Telephone: (858) 541-1622.

Web site: iihfd.org.

Founded: 1992.

Milestone: A community library in a village in Ghana.

Annual income: $30,000.

Expense allocation: Academic research, community library and education.

Corporate support: Mission Village Christian Fellowship, San Diego, and New Life Community Church, Burnaby, British Columbia.

Corporate supporters: Jason Jenkins.

Board chair: Jason Jenkins.

Board members: Senyo Adjibolosoo, Jason Jenkins, Luke Jacobs, Sabina Adjibolosoo, D’Arbra Rimmer, Yomi Ogunnaike-Lafe.

Employees: None.

Volunteers: Fatima Bosma and Seth Aglagoh.

Events: Annual fundraisers and annual book drives.


Recent challenge: At the moment, we don’t have an office.

Measures of success: The development of the community library at Akatsi, Ghana, our education program to be implemented in the spring of 2009, and the publication of an academic journal titled, “Review of Human Factor Studies.”

Smartest move: Education program for children and youth at Akatsi.

Missed opportunity: None.

Misconception: None.


Personal path to nonprofit work: The opportunity to assist those who desire to change their own life.

Toughest aspect: Getting others to understand and believe in the vision that it is possible to produce honest and compassionate leaders for the developing nation states.

Most surprising aspect: Not too much money is needed to change the plight of the poor people. Yet this kind of common sense is not common after all.

Biggest pain: Having people who want to help, only to realize that they actually want to derive personal financial gains.

Greatest pleasure: Knowing that the poor people are ready and willing to change their lives if someone will come alongside, hold their hands, and walk side-by-side with them to cross the bridge of doubt, fear, hopelessness and degradation.


Best recent moment: Shipping 12,000 books, 100 computers, an acoustic piano and an illuminable globe.

Worst recent moment: The selfishness and greed of a select few who pose as helpers when they actually want to use the organization to serve their own ends.

Dream for another life: Drumming, singing, dancing, eating and sleeping with the abject poor; doing everything possible to walk with them across the bridge of doubt, fear, hopelessness and degradation.


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