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Nonprofit Profile , Forgotten Victims


Name: Karen Conde.

Titles: Founder and board president.

Organization: Forgotten Victims.

Mission of organization: Forgotten Victims supports those who have been the cause of true automobile accidents (no alcohol, drugs, road rage, speeding) that resulted in catastrophic injuries or death to another.

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Telephone: (877) 668-4468.

Web site: www.forgottenvictims.net.

Founded: 2003.

Milestone: Going national with CNN.

Annual income: $26,000.

Expense allocation: $18,000.

Corporate support: Conde Group Inc.

Corporate supporters: Conde Group Inc., San Diego National Bank, Ironstone Bank.

Board chairwoman: Karen Conde.

Board members: Joseph Battaglia, Carolyn Brodbeck, Matt Kuzcowski, Michael Bulger, Maurice Luque.

Employees: 1.

Volunteers: 2.

Events: Weekly support groups.

Wish list: Monies for Web site/Internet maintenance for online community support, staff management for outreach/materials and facility costs/overhead.


Recent challenge: Sharing tight space with my company, Conde Group Inc.

Measures of success: Testimonial letters from Forgotten Victims.

Smartest move: Bringing on an executive director.


Personal path to nonprofit work: In September 2002, I was involved in a car accident that left one woman injured. After the accident, I fell into a deep depression. Although I was fortunate to have a strong support system of family and friends, I had to fight hard to get through the emotional and legal devastation. I needed to know if and how they got through the overwhelming pain and guilt of injuring or killing someone and how they learned to ever forgive themselves. That is when I decided to start a nonprofit organization that provided the support to those persons and their families to help them realize that they are not alone, that bad things happen to good people and that they will get through it. That is how I founded Forgotten Victims.

Toughest aspect: Raising funds to increase and enhance our support services for Forgotten Victims.

Most surprising aspect: The generosity and goodwill of people who want to help with our cause.

Biggest pain: Not being able to reach all those who need immediate help.

Greatest pleasure: Meeting and working with Forgotten Victims.


Best recent moment: Being highlighted in Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine.

Dream for another life: Rest and relaxation.

Greatest inspiration: My family.

Downtime: Working out, gardening, spending time with family.

Causes: Besides Forgotten Victims, any cause having to do with children.

Most like to meet: Nelson Mandela.

, Stacey Bengtson


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