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NEWSMAKERS—Entrepreneur Cleans Up Dirt That Slips Into Computers

Like any machine, PCs work a heck of a lot better when they are free of dirt, grime, dust or other nasty stuff that can slow them down, or cause them to crash.

So says Steve Monas whose new local business, called Symind, cleans PCs and other high-tech equipment.

According to a survey by a manufacturer of PC cleaning materials, 91 percent of computer and peripheral failures could be prevented by regular cleanings.

Among the more common problems that may occur if a PC isn’t kept clean are misreading or skipping of keys from dirty keyboards, or dust build-up inside the processor; image distortion on a monitor; slow or non-responding mouse from dust build-up; and spots, smudges or distortions on printed materials from unkempt printers.

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Monas said one of the most critical areas of a PC is that little fan inside the central processing unit that keeps the chip cooled while it’s processing thousands of bytes of data per second. Just like a house fan, if enough dust and grime builds up, the fan will slow down or stop altogether. That, in turn, could cause the PC to crash or freeze up.

While anyone can maintain the outside parts of a PC, getting into the more delicate inside components is a task better suited to someone with expert cleaning equipment, said Monas, who launched Symind from his Oceanside home with about a $7,000 capital investment.

In his initial quest for customers, Monas encountered more than a few raised eyebrows.

“I was getting my commercial liability insurance and this woman asked me, ‘Is there really a need for this?'”

Monas answers that unless you can replace your existing PCs with new ones every six months, you should hire him.

The cost for Symind’s service varies according to the number of PCs and cycle of cleanings, but begins at $38 per PC.

A native of Odessa in Ukraine, Monas immigrated to San Diego with his family when he was 5, and has held some 40 different jobs in his 26 years. Among his past endeavors was starting and running a line of women’s surf wear.

This job fits him better.

“I had been working around computers for the past five years, and I’ve always had this feeling of owning my own business,” he said.

Oh yes, the word Symind comes from the first letters of Monas’ initials (SYM) and the first three letters of the word “industry.”


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