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NEWSMAKER–Chefs Create Meals for Take-Out

Years as personal chefs; shared vision; entrepreneurial spirit.

Sounds like the stuff of r & #233;sum & #233;s, but they’re also the ingredients to A la Carte on Sixth Avenue, a fledgling fine-dining take-out shop launched by local chefs Debi Stanton and Diane Biggwither.

About a year ago, Stanton and Biggwither decided to merge gastronomic forces, add a storefront and sell specialty items. Since then, they’ve been scouting locations and setting up.

Stanton and Biggwither hope to capitalize on the growing take-out trend.

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“People are busy and just don’t have the time to cook or shop,” Stanton said.

A la Carte’s menu changes each week, and the meals are sold ready for heating or frozen.

The shop also sells sandwiches and other lunchtime fare and imported items such as mustards, oils and crackers.

Stanton and Biggwither hatched the idea for the shop in a cooking class , a fitting setting.

After sharing a table for a couple of weeks, Stanton and Biggwither realized they shared the same dream: a take-out shop modeled after one in New York City that specializes in upscale picnics.

They opened Ala Carte in Downtown San Diego on Jan. 17. They hope to cater events, said Biggwither, who owned a catering company for many years. Her claim to culinary fame is catering the wedding reception for the son of former President Gerald Ford, she said.


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