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MP3.com Spreads the Gospel on the Web

The Gospel message predates the spoken word recording by something like 1,875 years.

A high-profile San Diego company, MP3.com, Inc., is one of the more recent tech ventures to combine both.

Among the legions of speakers and recording artists on MP3.com is the Rev. Stephen Murray, senior pastor of La Jolla Presbyterian Church.

Murray has put his sermons on the World Wide Web using a page on the San Diego-based music service provider. He will add new ones periodically.

Murray’s messages are now available nationwide and worldwide at (www.mp3.com/ljpc). They may be heard for free. Copies are also available for purchase.

“I believe that this will prove to be one of the most powerful means of communication that we have at our disposal in the last few decades,” Murray said. “We are very excited and can’t wait to see where this takes us all.”

La Jolla Presbyterian is using a free suite of promotional tools and services from MP3.com.

MP3.com’s Spirit 2000 program is designed to help religious organizations plus nonprofit groups and schools spread their messages and raise money.

University City-based MP3.com provides a custom Web page, and helps out with marketing, promotion, manufacturing and distribution of multimedia CDs within the campaign.

Murray said La Jolla Presbyterian hopes all churches and Christian organizations across America will make the service available to their congregations.

Information about MP3.com’s service is on view at (www.mp3.com/education/spirit2000).


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