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San Diego
Sunday, May 19, 2024

Moms Have An Eye for Dressing Up Bottom Line

With sassy phrases like “Don’t ya wish your mommy was hot like mine?” and “Baby’s Mama,” paired with “Mama’s Baby,” one of San Diego’s newest small businesses is eager to become a nationally recognized clothing supplier.

Tuni & G;, the brainchild of co-owners and best friends, GG Benitez and Antoinette Gazale, was officially launched in August, with the first sight of phrase-infused Tuni & G; merchandise hitting upscale retail shops in November. The majority of Tuni & G; clothing uses rhinestone embellishments to glam up slogans on tops for moms and young children, retailing for $30 and up.

“The goal is to let moms know that just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be sassy and fun and even a little bit sexy, if you want to,” Benitez said, noting that almost all the phrases found on Tuni & G; clothing promote self-confidence.

Tuni & G; is the first small business for both Benitez and Gazale, although Benitez once considered launching a jewelry line that never fully developed. Gazale is the mother of three young children and has always been a stay-at-home mom, while Benitez is the mother of two, with a third on the way, and previously worked in the pharmaceutical sales industry.

“It’s very interesting because together now we have to merge our different ways of doing things,” Benitez said. “Here I’ve always been a professional and Antoinette has never had to work, so you can imagine we often approach things differently.”

The women have been best friends for almost 20 years and took out bank loans to start their new business, which they hope to use to promote charity efforts on behalf of children , especially abused children and those diagnosed with bone cancer.

Because of their busy family lives, both women run their budding business out of their homes. Benitez said that they have no plans to open a storefront boutique. Instead, they plan to remain a supplier to upscale retail shops. San Diego shops already carrying the Tuni & G; line include Del Mar Kids, Spoiled Rotten, Cristina Q, Bellini and JW Tumbles.

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Anti-Junk Fax Update:

Small businesses, eager to see California implement a new anti-junk fax law with stricter guidelines than a similar federal mandate, will have to keep waiting for at least another month.

Senate Bill 833, written by Sen. Debra Bowen, D-Redondo Beach, was initially set to take effect Jan. 1, but a lawsuit led the bill to be temporarily curbed. Challenging the state’s authority is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is based in Washington, D.C., and Delaware-based broadcast fax company Xpedite Systems.

A hearing on the case was held in U.S. District Court in the state’s Eastern District in Sacramento last week, but no decisions were made. Instead, the judge set another hearing for Feb. 27. Proponents of the bill say it interferes with interstate marketing, while opponents claim unwanted faxes cost them money and time in the form of wasted paper, ink and manpower.

The key difference between SB 833 and the Junk Fax Prevention Act passed by the U.S. Congress last summer is that that the federal act allows faxes to be sent to people or businesses with whom the solicitors has previously done business with. California’s law does not make such an allowance.

Both the federal and state versions of the law allow recipients of unwanted faxes to sue their senders for a possible award of $500 per fax.

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