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Micro Focus Expands Local Reach With Office in Sorrento Valley

Micro Focus, a software developer and services provider with North American headquarters in Rockville, Md., opened an office in Sorrento Valley last month to accommodate growth in the San Diego area and beyond.

Micro Focus hosted an opening celebration on May 7. Following the announcement of a proposed acquisition of Cupertino-based NetManage and last year’s acquisition of San Diego-based Acucorp in May 2007, Tyler Church, Micro Focus’ program manager of North America Channel Marketing, said the office will formalize its presence in San Diego. Micro Focus had been operating out of the old Acucorp office in Mira Mesa.

“We have since been working on integrating the technology, integrating the teams and integrating the customer base,” said Church.

Drake Coker, founder of Acucorp and a chief technical officer at Micro Focus, said the opening of the San Diego office is an important step in the integration of Micro Focus and Acucorp.

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Kevin Moultrup, executive vice president of North American operations at Micro Focus, said due to a combination of in-house growth and strategic acquisitions, Micro Focus is developing a larger footprint across the United States.

The company had $171.6 million in revenues in 2007. For the financial year ending April 30, total revenues are expected to range between $226 million and $228 million, according to Micro Focus. It has more than 15,000 customers, including more than 70 of the Fortune Global 100 companies.

Micro Focus has 37 offices in 17 countries and more than 700 employees. The new office will house development, marketing, and technical support departments. There are 36 employees, a number that is expected to increase.

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San Diegans Are Digital Savvy:

San Diegans are quite “digitally savvy,” according to a recent report released by a national consumer and media research firm. The May 13 report ranked San Diego only behind Austin, Texas; Las Vegas, and Sacramento in the percentage of adults who earned this in-tune-with-technology title.

The Scarborough Research report, “Understanding the Digital Savvy Consumer,” determined that 10 percent of adults in San Diego are digital savvy. The firm, a partnership between Nielsen Media Research and Arbitron Inc., defines digital savvy consumers as having a higher-than-average ownership of high-tech items, such as DVRs or satellite radios. It added that these consumers possess a greater likelihood of blogging, downloading music, gaming online, and e-mailing and texting from cell phones.

It comes as no surprise that digitally savvy consumers are a luxury-oriented group. The report found they are 56 percent more likely than the average consumer to own or lease a luxury vehicle and 49 percent more likely to own a second home.

Gary Meo, senior vice president of print and digital media services at Scarborough Research, said that most digitally savvy markets are known for leading the nation in a variety of high-tech behaviors and typically have the presence of major universities.

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San Diego-based Eset, which develops security software, released a new diagnostic tool late last month. SysInspector examines various operating system elements, including running processes, registry content, startup items and network connections to identify malware and other malicious invaders.

Eset claims that SysInspector runs faster than competitive system diagnostic tools and detects more malware.

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