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MEDIA–Golf Show Airs in Local Markets

A locally produced golf show hit the airwaves recently, spotlighting what is becoming an increasingly popular business and leisure activity.

CableRep Advertising, a division of Cox Communications, launched “From the Tee , Golf in the Southwest” in November. The regional, magazine-style program explores the game’s importance to the Southwest.

The 30-minute show is produced every other week and airs daily in Cox’s Southwestern markets, which include San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson.

“So many more people are now using golf as a business or leisure device,” said Tom Stipes, the show’s executive producer. “They’re rolling golf, and the wonderful courses and resorts in the Southwest, into their way of doing business at alarmingly high rates.”

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The game is being played more during the week and during corporate outings, retreats and clients’ meetings, he said.

– Most Viewers Have

Above-Average Incomes

Statistics indicate that most local viewers of golf are older than 25 years of age and that about half earn more than $50,000 a year, according to CableRep figures.

In addition, the National Golf Foundation reports that more than 35 percent of initiation fees, or about $1 billion, paid in the United States are spent in the Southwest, as well.

As a result, more and more golf courses and hotels are being built and other travel- and golf-related businesses are being created, Stipes said, adding that golf is a multibillion-dollar industry.

The San Diego area alone is home to dozens of golf courses and golf-product manufacturers.

The show has featured several local golf courses such as Mt. Woodson Golf Club, Maderas Golf Club and the Singing Hills Resort while making its way throughout the region.

“We focus on a prestigious place to play on every show, and it’s designed to create commerce within our viewing area. It’s designed to get people in our viewing region to understand how they can take advantage of some of these great courses that exist,” Stipes said.

– Show Watched By

About 2 Million Daily

The show reaches nearly 2 million homes or businesses daily; Cox serves more than 500,000 subscribers locally.

The show offers viewers information such as contact details, prices, high and low seasons and other advantages. The show also highlights the professional tournaments and game innovation fostered or created in the region, Stipes said.

Locally, the program can be viewed on The Golf Channel or Channel 4 San Diego. Airtimes can be found at (www.fromthetee.com).


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