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Media Coverage Can Transform a Company’s Event Into a Happening

Question: How do I get media attention for an upcoming event?


Having great speakers, flawless presentation and a full bar are all great approaches to make an event a hit. However, if the approaching affair has gone unnoticed by the media and appropriate public, it most likely will not reach its full potential.

The value of media coverage for an event is infinite. The publicity derived from news stories is vital to ensuring that all who would be interested in the affair are aware of its occurrence.

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Also, if the media attend the event, it could result in live or post-coverage, resulting in an interest in the hosting company and its future affairs.

To maximize your event’s media coverage and succeed in catching publicity for your affair, start with a press release.

The first step to introducing an event is to get the word out by creating media awareness.

This can be achieved through the composition of an eye-catching press release.

It is important to create an interesting angle about your event that sets it apart.

Explain in the press release what will occur at the affair and why it is important.

Also, market your event to as large an interest group as possible in order to increase target audience.

This technique increases the likelihood that the media will cover the story.

Another trick is to always keep in mind upcoming community and national events in order to avoid conflicted interests.

For example, it is not wise to plan your event on the same weekend as a large county fair or election.

Also, remember that not only the date but also the time that your event is scheduled for is vital to smart planning.

Make sure that the time when you want the media present is not at a peak news hour.

It should be as easy and convenient as possible for the media to cover.

Choosing the location for your event should also be a well thought out and examined decision.

If you are located in a larger city, such as San Diego, it is extremely advantageous for your setting to be centrally located.

This will increase general admission and media attendance by improved accessibility.

Once you’ve got media attention, being prepared for on-site coverage will ensure that the publicity for your event goes smoothly.

Make simple arrangements such as designating preferred parking for the media to allow easy access to the event, as well as coordinate a media tent or registration table that is centrally located.

Also, decide before the event where a good location would be for interviews and event photos.

Make sure to appoint a person to be responsible for media assistance and organization.

This person should be available at all times to direct the media and give them a full tour of the event, as well as answer any questions they might have or direct them to the appropriate spokesperson.

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