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Local Firm’s Software a Big Winner

Local Firm’s Software a Big Winner

Exametric Captures Top Entrepreneur Award


When Wells Fargo Bank sought a company to help forecast and schedule the number of employees needed to service their customers, five teams submitted bids to accurately forecast future transaction volumes and predict the staffing levels for seven Wells Fargo branches over a two-month period.

Kiran Consulting Group outpaced the others in the 1999 competition and won the contract.

Stemming from that success, company President Ali Kiran, the president of Kiran Consulting, formed software company Exametric in 2001 to help financial institutions deal with such demands in the financial services market.

Now, three years later, Kiran and Exametric have been rewarded for their efforts by winning the annual Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for realizing business potential for small businesses.

Exametric provides financial institutions with automated scheduling, work force forecasting, and performance management solutions.

Some of its clients include First Hawaiian Bank, Huntington National Bank, TCF National Bank, and U.S. Bank.

Last year Exametric’s revenues were under $10 million, with expectations for 2004 revenues to increase 25 to 50 percent.

Exametric software products allow companies to predict how many employees they need to staff at certain times throughout the day, improving their customer service and employee satisfaction while reducing overall staffing and payroll costs.

“In banking, competition is fierce. If a company can increase their customer retention, they can save significantly,” Kiran said. “Large financial institutions are able to save around $10,000 in revenue.”

This year’s award for realizing business potential in a company marks the first time Ernst & Young has held the category. The category was integrated into the program to identify and reward early-stage companies using technology to raise the efficiency and productivity of their clients’ business, said Niki Krutop, director of Ernst & Young’s entrepreneur of the year program in San Diego.

“We wanted companies that were using technologies to assist customers and companies to be more productive,” Krutop said. “We were looking for companies that were using computers in an innovative way.”

The goal of Exametric’s products is to create staffing levels that are relative to the needs of the customers so that a company can have consistent service that customers can expect, Kiran said.

“When you go into a bank you expect to wait no more than five minutes,” Kiran said. “The banks benefit because they can say, ‘There is no need to have two people sitting when there is no need for them,’ which allows customers to receive better service.”

In use at more than 10,000 banks and credit locations, Kiran said his product allows customers to provide excellent customer service , something he also strives for in his company.

“I see us as one of those companies you will hear about in the future in the business books, because of our business ethically, our values, and our total dedication of employees” Kiran said.

Exametric has about 30 employees with hopes of expanding to 50 people by the end of the year. The expansion is directly related to their ability to remain on top of technology, Kiran said.

“If companies do not stay at the forefront of technology they are not going to be around long,” Kiran said.

Exametric is also looking to expand its operations to include other industries such as large retail companies, fast food companies, and call centers.


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