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The Real Spin on Global Warming


Bill Clinton and Al Gore have conjured up an outrageous crisis in a desperate attempt to divert the nation’s attention away from their own incompetence and corruption. They want us to believe global warming is a deadly predicament created only by greedy Americans who use too much fossil fuel while driving around in their SUVs.

During his State of the Union message, Clinton again warned us that we must take measures to overcome the greenhouse effect. So by laying the blame on the American people for creating this hypothetical crisis, Clinton is strategically acting to transform climate control into a political issue.

But that’s only part of the Clinton administration’s scheme. They want us to believe that government can actually fix global warming! And because they claim global warming is a global crisis, they want our Senate to ratify the Koyoto Treaty, thus ensuring that global warming will become a global political issue.

Now before we yield to the doom and gloom propaganda being broadcast by Clinton and Gore, we should ask, Why should we fear global warming? Isn’t global warming a natural climatic condition that makes Earth habitable? And in the absence of global warming, might we experience global cooling, thus making it difficult to grow crops if Earth becomes like Siberia?

What will happen if global temperatures increase enough to melt portions of the ice caps? Will oceans rise and flood coastal cities as they predict? So what if this happens? Have we become so brainwashed by Clinton’s spin doctors that we truly believe our government can fix global warming?

Have we become so dependent on government that we have lost our natural survival instincts and wouldn’t have enough sense to relocate to higher ground, or realize that northern latitudes will be warmed into productivity?

If we disengage ourselves from the fear and ignorance being advanced by Clinton/Gore environmentalism and look at scientific and historical facts, I believe we would realize that climate changes are natural cycles just like summer and winter. We might discover that man is fully capable of adapting to changing climate conditions and has survived by doing so for centuries, without any help from bureaucrats in Washington.

Because of these truths, we must never give deceivers like Bill Clinton and Al Gore any chance to claim political control of the weather, for if we do, we will forever find ourselves shackled to global taxes and oppressive global climate control regulations that will result in creating the most tyrannical and monstrous international bureaucracy ever known to man. Whereas we will be forced to surrender our constitutional freedom and national sovereignty in exchange for “protection and security” from global warming under an unacceptable form of global governance.

Darrell Beck



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