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An Important Note


I just want to commend you on the excellent executive profiles you publish each week in the San Diego Business Journal.

It really provides insight into successful executives, and for that many of us are appreciative.

One addition to your Jan. 30 profile of Melissa Ford: An important distinction is Ms. Ford is chairman of AeA-San Diego Council.

As such, she is the first woman to serve in the capacity of chairman since AeA’s inception in San Diego in the 1970s.

We are so proud of her accomplishments and wanted to be able to highlight that to your readership, as we know a fast-growing segment of business and technology professionals are women.

Lauri Keller

Director of membership development

AeA-San Diego Council

– – –

Liberty Station a Gem


I just had to respond to the Jan. 30 article in the San Diego Business Journal about the Save Our NTC group’s lawsuits against McMillin’s Liberty Station.

I am really tired of them sniping at McMillin. Just visit Liberty Station on a Saturday afternoon when homeowners walk through the neighborhoods, when students at High Tech High are on campus or when the small but growing farmer’s market is busy with shoppers.

The nine-hole golf course is taking shape and soon there’s going to be a huge new park along the bay. Old crummy buildings from the 1960s are being replaced, and the truly beautiful, historic buildings will be home to new businesses and foundations. Did John McNab’s group want the facility to be mothballed with a giant chain-link fence around it?

McMillin has transformed the former Naval Training Center into a lovely new neighborhood. As a citizen of San Diego, I see it as a real jewel and as a resident of Point Loma, the Trader Joe’s is icing on the cake!

Lauree Sahba

Point Loma


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