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Jeff Quinn, District 6

Name: Jeff Quinn

Business: JK Investment Properties, Inc.

Address: 5469 Kearny Villa Road, 92123

Employees: 12

Jeff Quinn, a principal and co-founder of JK Investment Properties, Inc. in Kearny Mesa, figures the city eventually will work through its financial and criminal imbroglios.

“I take a bigger perspective on it,” he said. “I want to make sure we are finding a way to continue to be as appealing as a place as we are. It’s about growth. I am pro-growth, and I want people to continue to come here.”

What San Diego needs, said Quinn, is “someone with the vision to continue to attract business here.”

“A frightening number of businesses make a choice not to come here, with the housing costs, traffic and other things. We should plan to continue to attract a high quality of business to keep everyone employed and the city growing,” he added.

Quinn also believes that a lot of the big deals over the years in San Diego, from the Chargers and Padres to the redevelopment of the former Naval Training Center in Point Loma, demonstrated “a business acumen that is lacking.”

“The city is not taking advantage of business resources,” Quinn said.

Redevelopment is another big issue, he said.

“I am disappointed to the city’s complete inattentiveness to the City of Villages concept, calling for higher density,” said Quinn. “They dodged it. A real leader would give us a vision. We have incredible opportunities to redevelop all over the city. Someone has to step up and advocate this concept. It’s more efficient to rehabilitate and upgrade existing infrastructure. We would be so well served with infill developments on a large scale.”

, Pat Broderick


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