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Iomega Unveils Dual Drive

San Diego-based Iomega Corp. is lending a hand to hard-drive abusers , specifically those with Macs , with the release of the UltraMax 640 gigabyte desktop hard drive.

Macintosh computers , for which the UltraMax is pre-formatted , typically come standard with an average range of 80 to 120 GB of storage on their hard drives, according to Iomega spokesman Chris Romoser.

“Historically, a lot of designers have used the Mac platform and they’re working with a lot of multimedia content,” said Romoser. “They need speed and performance,” he added.

They also need a lot of storage.

The UltraMax’s dual-drive configuration also allows the device to be used as a single, massive 640 GB hard drive or as a hard drive plus a backup drive in the same box.

According to Romoser, “if you need (a backup of the data), you can split the drives,” where each drive has a copy of the data in case the other drive fails. If sheer capacity is required instead, the drives can operate as a single unit.

While it comes formatted for Macintosh computers, the UltraMax can be formatted to run on Windows, or across both operating systems.

The storage unit weighs 5 pounds and can interface via USB (universal serial bus) and FireWire.

Romoser said that the UltraMax is a valuable release for the company as it boosts Iomega’s profile in its “second company platform,” that is, “intelligent external hard drives.”

Iomega, a data storage and protection company, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IOM and closed Sept. 7 at $2.67, down 8 cents from the previous day’s close.

, Andy Killion


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