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Internet Sell a Real Deal for Online Sellers

Thanks to sites like eBay, online commerce isn’t just for big corporations with big Web operation budgets anymore.

The number of small-business owners and entrepreneurs looking to supplement their full-time income by selling goods online is increasing immensely every year. More than half a million users and about $1 billion were made on eBay last year thanks to small businesses, according to a company report.

“E-Bay has become an important destination for small businesses,” said eBay President and Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman in a written statement. “Here, they can discover amazing business buying opportunities that can help them achieve success.”

But is the small-business community really taking full advantage of the cyber-marketplace? Not necessarily.

Online commerce can be confusing and intimidating for the less-than-savvy computer user. Enter Internet Sell, a new Vista store at 3295 Business Park Drive.

Internet Sell started in January as a home-based business and moved into its first storefront last month. It has two full-time employees, including owner Paul Barton, and one part-time employee.

Barton, who has been selling items online since 1999 and is an eBay-trained education specialist, offers his customers a full-service online selling package. Internet Sell will take pictures of items to post on sell sites, provide storage of the items until they are sold, write catchy selling descriptions and handle payment and shipment details.

“In this time-pressed era, many people simply don’t have the time for the process of selling items online; that’s where we come in,” Barton said. “All our Internet Sell consultants are knowledgeable about online selling, meaning we give our clients unbeatable expertise that allows anyone to tap into the online selling market.”

In addition to eBay, Internet Sell works with Overstock.com and GoAntiques.com.

There is no upfront cost of selling goods online via Internet Sell for up to the first seven days an item is posted, unless customers opt for a premium selling service, in which case the upfront cost is $10 per item. Once an item is sold, Internet Sell charges a commission based on the price the item was sold at. The commission rate is 30 percent of the first $500, 20 percent of $500.01 up to $2,500 and 10 percent of any amount more than $2,500.

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