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High-Tech–High-Performance Expert Lends Services to Entropia

Digital Music Industry Leaders Convene at UCSD For MP3 Summit 2000

San Diego’s Entropia, which is creating the world’s largest computing service, is recruiting some of the region’s top industry leaders.

One of them is Andrew Chien, a professor in UCSD’s computer science and engineering department and a world-renowned expert in developing high-performance computing systems from consumer components. Chien will help Entropia convert the wasted, idle time of average Internet-enabled PCs into processing power that will be pooled together for computationally intensive, commercial and nonprofit research. Basically what the Entropia company does is allow PC owners to connect their computers’ otherwise wasted processor time to important causes for computationally intensive commercial applications and nonprofit research that improves human life.

Chien and his research group at UCSD engineered a low-cost alternative to conventional supercomputers, which revolutionized how large-scale computing is conducted by scientists and engineers worldwide.

“Dr. Chien’s experience developing powerful, open-standards, parallel-computing systems on networked PCs will help Entropia bring pervasive, synchronized processing power to a broader range of applications and markets,” said Scott Kurowski, Entropia’s founder and vice president of business development. “He is the ideal technologist to deliver large-scale computing services to the world.”

Over the last three years, Entropia’s technology has been proven in the field with projects like PrimeNet. PrimeNet runs on the Entropia network for the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS), a worldwide high-performance computing search that mainly benefits mathematical theorists, but is also used by elementary school students and scientists. Entropia’s network currently delivers the scalable power to process more than 1 trillion computations per second, a computing power previously unimaginable to researchers and scientists.

Entropia recently moved its headquarters to San Diego from the Silicon Valley.

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Bits & Bytes: Digital music industry leaders will gather at the MP3 Summit 2000 June 20-21 at the UCSD Price Center in La Jolla. The summit, hosted by La Jolla’s MP3.com, will feature speakers, demonstrations and panelists. Keynote speakers include MP3.com chief executive Michael Robertson; Carlsbad-based MusicMatch CEO Dennis Mudd; Ian Clark, co-founder of New York-based Freenet; and Pamela Samuelson from the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology. Scheduled panelists include recording artists Ice T and Herbie Hancock. SDSU’s John Eger has been awarded the Japan Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications’ highest award for leadership in telecommunications. Eger, a Lionel Van Deerlin professor of communications and public policy at SDSU and director of the university’s International Center for Communications, was recently honored with the “Minister’s Award for Leadership.” During the awards ceremony, Minister Eita Yashiro pointed to Eger’s commitment to building a Pacific community, stressing the importance of Japan-United States relations and the importance of both countries’ role in the Pacific. An online business mentoring network is set to launch in San Diego next week. MentorU.com will make its debut June 26-27 by hosting “Access to Success 2000” at Fourth & B in Downtown. The event, which will feature mentoring presentations on sales and motivation, and talks on leadership and customer service, will also be broadcast live over the Internet.

Featured speakers include Brian Tracy, creator of “The Psychology of Success” tape series; Jeffrey Gitomer, syndicated columnist and author of “The Sales Bible;” Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines and author of “The Winds of Turbulence;” and Patricia Fripp, an executive speech coach and author. For more info, check out (www.mentoru.com/access2000).

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