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High-Tech Cingular and VoiceStream join forces

Motorola Deal With China Unicom Good For Qualcomm Inc.

San Diegans will have a new choice in wireless telecom carriers soon.

VoiceStream Wireless will make its California debut in 2002. A subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, VoiceStream will come into California and Nevada using the Cingular Wireless network.

Cingular will still have service here.

In return, Cingular will piggyback on VoiceStream’s network to get access to New York City.

The two companies announced their infrastructure-sharing agreement last week. Now it’s up to VoiceStream to set up a local sales, distribution and customer support structure.

Cingular is a joint venture of Pacific Bell parent SBC Communications Inc. and BellSouth. Both Cingular and VoiceStream use networks based on the Global System for Mobile communications standard, or GSM.

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CDMA Convergence:

GSM’s technological rival is San Diego’s homegrown wireless technology, CDMA, or Code Division Multiple Access. San Diego-based Qualcomm Inc. holds key patents on it.

And there is CDMA news from halfway around the world.

Illinois-based Motorola Inc. last week announced it had received a $34.8 million follow-up order for infrastructure equipment from China Unicom, that country’s CDMA carrier. That adds to the $407 million infrastructure equipment order received in May. In September, Motorola committed to build 2 million CDMA handsets for the China market.

In other news related to China and CDMA, handsets from San Diego-based Kyocera Wireless Corp. were part of a demonstration of advanced CDMA this month in Shanghai. Qualcomm considers the type of technology tested in Shanghai , called CDMA2000 1x , as part of the much-anticipated third generation of wireless phone service, or 3G. Other commentators consider CDMA2000 1x as “2.5G,” an intermediary step between today’s second-generation offerings and 3G.


Get your fill of CDMA info at the 2001 CDMA Americas Congress, Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 at the San Diego Convention Center. For information, call (888) 670-8200 or go to (www.cdma-americas.com).

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Maximizing A Market:

“I try to stay looking at the horizon, keep focused, stay agile, watch cash and make sure we have enough to grow and do strategic things.” , Jabra Corp. CEO Vicki Marion, on how she finds opportunities in a changing marketplace, in a profile article produced by Deloitte & Touche LLP as part of its “Fast 500” project. Deloitte’s Web site (www.us.deloitte.com/fast500/index.shtm) also ranks the growth of 50 high-tech companies from Orange and San Diego counties.

San Diego-based Jabra makes combination earpiece/microphone units for cell phone users. The earpiece still needs a wire to the phone. An earpiece that connects wirelessly to a phone is “on the horizon,” Deloitte reports , but it gives no estimate on when it will hit the market.

Columnar Components:

MarketWatch. com, Inc. has put its business data on storage area network hardware and software built by Dot Hill Systems Corp. of Carlsbad. The San Francisco media company’s three data centers hold information for CBS MarketWatch.com, BigCharts.com and FTMarketWatch.com. (The latter is for people with an interest in British stocks.) San Diego-based Leap Wireless International Inc. has started wireless phone service in the Omaha, Neb. area.

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