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Greyhound Advocates Seek More Corporate Sponsors

LA MESA Greyhounds with their racing days behind them and uncertainty ahead still have a couple of things going for them.

They have advocates with East County’s Greyhound Adoption Center.

Plus they have a little marketing savvy on their side.

Center volunteers have long realized that not everyone has the time, space or attention to give one of the speedy dogs. What’s more, not everyone can volunteer at the organization’s Lakeside kennel.

So the group created sponsorships.

Recently the group put its sponsorship in a special package. The center calls it “Sponsorship in a Can.” The cans, which are suitable for gift giving, include two free months of sponsorship and a greyhound beanbag toy.

They sell for $20.

Of course, the aim here is to get people interested in sponsoring for the long term, said organization spokeswoman Roberta Diakun.

In ideal cases, the Greyhound Adoption Center puts its dogs in deserving homes. Not every dog gets immediate placement, though. Some dogs are difficult to place because of age, medical condition or a shy disposition.

Sponsors who donate at least $10 a month to Greyhound Adoption Center receive a monthly letter regarding their dog’s progress and a new photo. When the dog is placed, sponsors get word of that , and a new dog to sponsor. For information on Sponsorship in a Can, call the center at (877) 478-8364. (That’s (877) GR8T-DOG.)

For more information on Greyhound Adoption Center programs, and for other gift ideas, visit the organization’s Web site and online catalog at (www.greyhoundog. org). (Just make sure that when typing the Web address, the word “greyhound” shares its last letter with “dog.”)


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