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Graywater a Win-Win for Everyone

What are the advantages of graywater?

Homeowners who install graywater would save money. In a typical household, slightly more than one-third of the water can be reused , almost the exact same amount that a typical garden requires.

By reusing that water in the garden, homeowners no longer have to use conventional water and can cut their water bills by one-third, said Stephen Bilson, chief executive officer for ReWater Systems Inc.

Unlike a conventional irrigation system, which sprays water along the surface, a “drip” system would keep the water underground, applying a few drops at a time directly to the roots. That means no water evaporates or runs off into the storm drain , which together can waste up to 80 percent of the water used in gardening, Bilson said.

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Homeowners will be able to see other benefits as well. Weeds would be easier to control in a garden fed by underground drip irrigation. Since the water is applied underground and not to the topsoil, the surface remains dry. Seeds blown in from elsewhere will have a difficult time establishing themselves on dry soil, Bilson said.

Prevents Damage To

Plants, Homes

Also, underground irrigation forces roots to grow downward, deep into the soil, rather than running along the surface. That makes it easier for plants to find water already in the ground, while trees won’t be ripped out of the ground in a heavy storm.

Plus, a conventional spray system splashes water against the house , which can damage the stucco or paint job, or cause window spotting. An underground system would prevent damage to the home, Bilson said.

But there are also benefits to cities and to the environment. Since each house needs less water, that means more houses can be built with the same amount of water.

Saves Cities Wastewater Costs

Alternatively, with more homes hooked up to graywater systems, that means not having to cut back on water usage during a drought, he said.

Cities can also save a fortune on wastewater costs. Since there is far less volume flowing into a treatment center, that saves cities money in operating costs, or even saves the city from having to build additional treatment centers.

Also, since there is no longer any runoff from irrigation, that helps keep the San Diego Bay clean. Water running into a storm drain can pick up all sorts of pollutants along the way , all of which end up in the ocean. This would be prevented with a graywater drip irrigation system, Bilson said.


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