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Gateway Project Will Provide ‘Front Porch’ to The Pacific

It is only once in awhile that San Diegans have the opportunity to rally around a vision that will provide countless hours of enjoyment for families, friends and generations to come.

Balboa Park and Mission Bay were the realization of such a vision.

Today, many of us look to the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan as something just as grand and important as the park and bay we all enjoy as a regional asset.

The proposed enhancements along Harbor Drive will provide a revitalized “front porch” for our city along San Diego’s bay front.

The plans that the Navy and Manchester Financial Group have proposed to transform the Navy Broadway Complex are sure to get even better as they are refined with input from the public and Centre City Development Corp.

We have the rare opportunity to be part of the genesis of an iconic master plan at the juncture of the tidelands and downtown. For decades, the site has been an eyesore one the city fathers could only dream about putting to a different use.

The Navy, one of the city’s most valued employers, owns the property and the plan calls for them to gain a state-of-the-art administrative headquarters facility that is being incorporated into the design.

Congress and the 1992 Development Agreement negotiated by the Navy and CCDC on behalf of the City Council enabled the Navy to select a private-sector developer to be its partner in redevelopment of the 12-acre site.

The ultimate realization of this project has important and very beneficial economic ramifications for San Diego’s intricately woven business and lifestyle fabric.

The project will:

– Create thousands of construction-related jobs that will stretch for more than a half-decade;

– Produce state-of-the-art, Class A offices and four hotels that will generate thousands of additional full- and part-time jobs after completion; and

– Generate more than $20 million in tax funds each year, starting the year after completion.

Still years from fruition, there is a chance the development could include more features, and become the cultural center for which many San Diegans have longed for many years.

Manchester Pacific Gateway begins the real renaissance of the North Embarcadero, with a private-sector partner picking up the tab to redevelop, build and maintain the perimeter property improvements that were part of the collaborative visionary plan created a decade ago by the consortium of the city, the county, and the Port of San Diego and the Navy.

These improvements will be for all to share. And at no cost to the public sectors.

Scott D. Alevy is the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce’s vice president of public policy and communications.


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