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Format Helps Working Nurses Overcome Obstacles – Nursing Education Goes Online at National University

Time and geography are creating new challenges for today’s nurses in an era of rising demands for nursing professionals with advanced degrees.

National University, which provides technology-enhanced education programs for adult learners, is introducing online undergraduate and graduate nursing programs to address this challenge.

“Technology is reshaping career opportunities on a global scale, and it’s reshaping higher education,” said Patricia Potter, vice president of Marketing and Educational Services. “Online programs are an effective way to meet the lifelong learning needs of working adults who are unable to obtain advanced degrees in traditional university settings.”

This fall, the San Diego-based university introduced its online Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program and will follow it next with the online Master of Science in Nursing. The master’s degree program is designed to prepare graduates to make the transition to the role of Advanced Practice Nurse as a Case Manager for specified populations.

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Managed care organizations around the country are redesigning care models to include more extensive use of advanced-degree case managers.

Meanwhile, all nurses are facing increasing demands that they hold at least a baccalaureate degree.

– Online Courses

Accommodate Workers

National University’s online nursing degree programs overcome some time and geography restraints for working nurses, especially those in rural areas without easy access to traditional campus programs, said Elizabeth Shutler, Ph.D., dean of the University’s School of Arts and Sciences.

“Online programs are not for everybody, but they open a new arena for a population of individuals who can’t participate in programs at traditional times or at specific locations,” Shutler said.

Dr. Nancy Saks, chairwoman of the Nursing Department, said Internet-based learning will also serve working nurses with two-year degrees who want to obtain a four-year degree.

She said the new online programs were patterned after the traditional course content of National University’s established undergraduate and graduate nursing degree programs.”

“Associate degree nurses work in so many types of health care settings across all shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To expect all nurses to participate in a traditionally standard program would restrict someone’s opportunity,” Saks said. “Because this is a registered nurse earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program, there is less clinical experience required, so it works well to have access to the program whenever they want in the course of their work schedule , night or day.”

– National Offers Over

150 Online Courses

More than 150 online courses are offered through National University.

The university, which has a one-course-per-month classroom approach, allows students to complete traditional graduate and undergraduate degree programs in accelerated timeframes. There are 25 learning centers in 11 major metropolitan throughout California.

National University, a nonprofit, private, accredited institution, was founded in San Diego in 1971 to make lifelong learning opportunities accessible to a diverse population of adult learners.

With over 12,200 full-time students and more than 60,000 alumni, National is the third-largest private institution in California. National has, for the past seven years, consistently been recognized by U.S. News and World Report, Money and Time magazines, and The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education as one of the best institutions in the country.

National continues to lead in online and classroom instruction using CD-ROMs, the Internet, and videoconferencing to provide distance education, domestically and throughout the world.

Watch National University’s Web site for new developments at (www.nu.edu).


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