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For Your Meeting Or Convention

It seems every year most professional organizations or businesses host one major convention or meeting. The goals are very clear , update employees about changes in the market, technology and company policies. These meetings also aim to provide training in new skills, offer new information and inspire renewed commitment to the mission of the organization.

Most of this is pretty easy to measure. Either employees learned the information or they didn’t. But the true test of the success of a meeting or convention does not lie in the answer to the question, “Can employees perform a new task.”

The answer that really matters is will they? An organization is only as effective as its employees are motivated.

Progressive businesses know that they can maximize the benefit of any training by incorporating a program that motivates employees to live and work more effectively.

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The San Diego business community has many talented effectiveness trainers from which to choose. The secret of success is finding a trainer who understands your company goals, and has an approach and style that fit your corporate culture. Finding the right match for your group is the difference between an irrelevant lecture and a transformational experience.

Almost anyone can look good on paper. Following are tips to find a trainer who will be the best fit for your organization:

& #711; Does the trainer tailor a program to suit the needs or your organization, or do they offer a prepackaged workshop?

Not all businesses or professional organizations face the same challenges. Offering cookie-cutter solutions just won’t do in today’s complex and diverse workplace. Insist that a trainer takes the time to get to know your organization and understand its areas of strength and weakness before offering strategies for problem-solving.

& #711; Does the trainer have the education and experience to solve the specific problems of your business?

Serious trainers invest in themselves and earn an advanced degree in their area of expertise. More importantly, they have the intuition and know-how that comes only from years of experience in solving tough problems for businesses. Education is important, but it is merely the foundation on which to build a solid career in training others to live more fully and effectively.

& #711; Is the person a compelling, lively and provocative enough presenter to keep your audience engaged?

This is the difference between teaching and training. To teach is to simply transfer information. To train is to ensure that participants internalize and use the information. When you get on an airplane and the airline attendant goes through the presentation of how to fasten a seat belt and breath through the yellow oxygen cup, they are teaching.

If the airplane was in trouble, and the flight attendant commanded everyone’s attention and had them locating the nearest emergency exit, they would have trained them.

Does the presenter understand the urgency of effectively communicating the message? Do they believe that they are providing such important information that lives will be changed if the job is done well? How seriously does the trainer take their job?

& #711; Is the presenter courageous enough to take people out of their comfort zones?

Programs should inspire and motivate, of course. But they must also be provocative in order to really make a difference in people’s lives. A trainer must be willing to take participants out of their comfort zones, acknowledge and examine tough issues. The difference between just feeling good and feeling great , and performing better , after a program is the courage to explore the tough stuff.

& #711; Can the trainer offer follow up?

Here’s the real magic. Is the trainer based in San Diego and willing to return to the client as many times as it takes to really “get it?” Do they offer refreshers and follow up programs? Is the trainer committed to building long lasting relationships with clients, or more focused on producing numbers for the big boss?

& #711; Does the trainer have a holistic approach?

Does the trainer see your employees merely as workers? Or does they know they are complex human beings with a variety of personal issues? A great trainer knows that people bring their whole lives to work, therefore programs must be relevant to a person’s whole life. Participants should never be forced to share personal details about their parents, spouses or kids with others. But they must be given the tools to address these issues themselves.

A person cannot , and will not , check their life at the office door. A trainer can help people create more effective lives both personally and professionally.

& #711; Will the trainer fit into your schedule?

You’d be amazed at how many programs are only offered in full-day blocks. A trainer who truly wants to develop a lasting relationship based on meeting your needs should offer programs in time increments that work for you.

& #711; What are their goals?

In my many years training, I cannot tell you how many other programs I’ve heard that include the phrase, “If you take just one good point from this, you’ll have gotten your money’s worth.” I disagree. Excellent training will leave participants with an entire set of skills to succeed and the motivation to accomplish their goals. Ask a trainer what they consider a successful result.

Effectiveness training can yield an impressive return for any professional organization or business , choosing the right trainer is the key.

Loraine, M.A., has been an effectiveness trainer in San Diego for more than 10 years.


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