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Finance Profile: Joseph J. Cohen

Joseph J. Cohen is a founding principal of San Diego-based HoyleCohen LLC, which offers wealth management and estate planning services to affluent families. Cohen has served as an independent financial adviser since 1980. He is an active supporter of Technion University, which is considered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of Israel. As an underwriter of the San Diego Jewish Film Festival, he especially enjoys providing young filmmakers with the opportunity to premiere their work.

RESUM & #201;

Name: Joseph J. Cohen.

Company: HoyleCohen LLC.

Title: Managing director.

Education: Bachelor of Science, U.S. Naval Academy, 1970; and Master of Science, Management, MIT, 1974.

Birthplace: Seattle.

Age: 60.

Current residence: University Heights.

Family: Martha P. Farish (partner for life); three children, Adam Farish, Emily Farish and Michelle Cohen; three grandchildren.


Essential business philosophy: Focus on what is most important to the client , in terms of their values.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Do what is right , always!

Guiding principles: All progress starts with telling the truth.

Yardsticks of success: Are the lives of our clients working well?

Goals yet to be achieved: Facilitate $1 billion in philanthropic contributions.


Best business decision: Joining the Focus Financial network of fiduciary fee-based firms.

Worst business decision: Not going with my instincts (gut) 100 percent of the time!

Toughest business decision: Not making a decision when it is appropriate to do so.

Biggest missed opportunity: Can’t recall I just don’t dwell on missed opportunities since there are so many “new opportunities” all of the time.

Words that describe you: Intensely focused , all the time.


What you like best about your job: The people we work with, and the genuine appreciation we are rewarded with.

What you like least about your job: The bureaucratic burdens of an industry that is becoming increasingly complicated.

Pet peeve: None comes to mind.

Most important lesson learned: Just do it (now) , always.

Person most interested in meeting: The people I serve are the most interesting people I know.

Three greatest passions: Helping others; philanthropy; having fun (and being amused) in all that I do.

First choice for a new career: Now why would I want to change doing what I love to do?


Favorite quote: “It is all about confidence.”

Most influential book: “The Ultimate Gift,” by Jim Stovall.

Favorite status symbol: I am not into status stuff.

Favorite restaurant: Pizza Nova.

Favorite place for business meetings: HoyleCohen’s conference room. (A simply elegant space that encourages conversation and thinking!)

Favorite vacation spot: Orcas Island, Wash.

Favorite way to spend time: Hiking in the mountains, reading and massage.

What’s on your iPod? Don’t use.

What do you drive? Lexus.

Do you use a GPS? Yes.

Do you use a PDA? Yes.


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