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Executive Profile – Rick Mickels

Rick Mickels is president of American Relocation Services, which helps businesses move their facilities.

RESUM & #201;

Name: Rick Mickels.

Company: American Relocation Services.

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Title: President.

Education: High school plus two years of college.

Birthplace: Oregon City, Ore.

Age: 59.

Current residence: Escondido.

Family: Wife, Sharry, two sons, stepson, daughter-in-law, and grandson.


Essential business philosophy: Do more than the customer expects.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Read, study and stay in touch with your customers.

Guiding principles: Respect the individual and provide the finest service in the world.

Yardsticks of success: Customer satisfaction.

Goals yet to be achieved: Be considered the best by my peers.


Best business decision: Starting my first business at 19.

Worst business decision: Selling my business in Seattle.

Toughest business decision: Having to let someone go.

Biggest missed opportunity: Buying Microsoft stock at $25 when it was first issued.

Mentors: Jesus and Ralph Bruksos, a friend.

Word that describes you: Flexible.


What you like best about your job: Working with customers to make things happen.

What you like least about your job: Operations management.

Most important lesson learned: There are many ways to accomplish almost everything.

Person most interested in meeting: Wayne Dyer, author of self-development books.

Three greatest passions: God, family, health.

First choice for a new career: Golf pro.


Favorite quote: “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Most influential book: The Bible and “Man’s Search for Meaning,” by Viktor Frankl.

Favorite status symbol: None.

Favorite restaurant: Vincent’s.

Favorite place for business meetings: Golf course.

Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii.

Favorite way to spend time: Golfing.

, Andrew Schweizer


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