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Executive Profile , Jeffrey W. Jordan

At age 9, Jeff Jordan began negotiating with neighbors to wash their cars or mow their lawns.

Influenced by his Peruvian parents who taught him to strive for bigger opportunities, Jordan was a natural entrepreneur.

At 23, he is the president and founder of Rescue Social Change Group, which is hired by organizations to change a behavior within a specific culture.

“We teach communities to have a stronger influence in a particular culture than the latest music video or magazine does,” Jordan said.

For instance, one campaign in Virginia aims to reduce violence and tobacco use among urban teens.

“So fun parties and cool clothing lines by these brands replace the negative images with positive ones, without ignoring the need for the culture itself,” said Jordan.

Though Rescue is a profit-making enterprise, Jordan sees his business as a research and development project, so he’s continuing his education.

“We need to prove what we’re doing and that there’s a scientific way to do it,” he said.

San Diego has a large youth culture and is trend-setting, so Jordan said the fit was natural for the company.


Name: Jeffrey W. Jordan.

Company: Rescue Social Change Group.

Title: President.

Education: Bachelor of Arts. Enrolled in the Ph.D. experimental psychology program at UC San Diego.

Birthplace: Lima, Peru.

Age: 23.

Current residence: Downtown San Diego.

Family: Single.


Essential business philosophy: Know when to ask for help, and never say, “Because I’m the boss.”

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Don’t compare yourself to anyone , comparison limits vision.

Guiding principles: Have a huge vision, help your team members learn and better themselves, stand up for the right strategy even if you have to fight with a client or two to do it.

Yardsticks of success: The success of our campaigns.

Goals yet to be achieved: Change the world.


Best business decision: To go back to school.

Worst business decision: To go back to school I have to be a scientist as much as I am a businessman.

Toughest business decision: Only working with social change, when the temptation of quicker and easier success in commercial branding is always there.

Biggest missed opportunity: The tobacco settlement gold rush.

Mentor: Andrea Goeglein, friend and mentor since 10th grade.

Word that describes you: Visionary.


What you like best about your job: Presenting to new audiences that have never heard (about) what we do.

What you like least about your job: Administrative duties.

Pet peeves: Doing something one way because another person did it that way.

Most important lesson learned: I need to learn to let go of some things, and feel confident with what I have set up and who I have put in charge.

Person most interested in meeting: Al Gore.

Three greatest passions: Social change, business and branding.

First choice for a new career: An indie band singer they can teach you to sing, right?


Favorite quote: “Drive thy business or it will drive thee.” , Benjamin Franklin.

Most influential book: “The Functional Approach to Attitudes” (academic article).

Favorite status symbol: Style and clothing, just looking totally GQ.

Favorite restaurant: RA Sushi, downtown.

Favorite place for business meetings: A place that is spontaneous, motivated by a moment of inspiration that just happened.

Favorite vacation spot: I haven’t gone on enough vacations to have a favorite yet.

Favorite way to spend time: Presenting/teaching/motivating, anything that involves sharing concepts and ideas that make people’s eyes open really wide.

Editor’s Note: Jeffrey W. Jordan’s age was incorrectly listed in the resume portion of the Executive Profile appearing on Page 47 of the June 25 issue. He is 23. The Business Journal regrets the error.


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