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Entrepreneur Profile , Michelle Weinstein

Michelle Weinstein has an invested opinion in the organic meals delivered daily from Optimal Nutrition Inc. She’s a successful entrepreneur who had started her own business at age 24 and doesn’t have much time in her day to count carbohydrates or shop for healthy dinners.

It just so happens that Weinstein is the president of Optimal Nutrition.

“I eat these meals every day,” she said. “Each meal is designed specially to each person. A lot of pro athletes are trying to gain weight so they may have 3,500 calories to 6,500 a day. Others may have only 1,400 calories a day (female trying to lose weight).”

The company, which boasts about 75 to 100 clients on average, works with a team of registered dieticians to provide organic, home-delivered meals to the professional athlete, the working couple, or the family with lots of kids.


Name: Michelle Weinstein.

Title: President.

Company: Optimal Nutrition Inc.

Company address: 9187 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., #6, San Diego.

Company phone: (858) 764-2564.

Year founded: 2003.

Prior business experience: Sales, marketing and real estate.

Average hours worked weekly: 40 to 50.

Source of startup capital: Friends, family and angel investors.

2006 revenue: $520,000.

2005 revenue: $397,000.

Number of employees: 13.

Web site: www.optimalnutritioninc.com.


Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minn.

Education: Bachelor of Science in finance, University of Arizona.

Age: 28.

Current residence: Kearny Mesa.

Family: Mother, Alla Weinstein; father, Dennis Weinstein; brother, Joshua Weinstein.

Hobbies: Boxing, boot camp, strength training, shopping, traveling the world, relaxing on the beach.


Reason for getting into business: To manage my own life and destiny.

How I plan to grow the business: Reaching out to the youth and school programs; reaching out to business professionals and other executives working in the fast-paced professional environment; and having our staff on the cutting edge by providing access to the best products on the market.

Biggest plus of business ownership: Being able to make a difference in people’s lives in an area that I am very passionate about.

Biggest drawback: There is a lot of pressure involved in running my own business as I make all the decisions.

Biggest business strength: The ability to cater to all customer needs. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the convenience that we bring to our clients.

Biggest business weakness: We are always trying to create new products to expand and cater to everyone’s needs. We tend to take on any task and/or challenge at hand, and sometimes things are a little bumpy along the way.

Biggest risk: The biggest risk of running a business is making sure you have the right clientele. Our food is a lifestyle decision and we want each client to feel the fresh organic custom culture that we provide.

Smartest business decision: I try to not overthink each business situation I am involved in. When starting Optimal Nutrition, I analyzed top-level risk and just dove into the business.

Biggest business mistake: You meet a lot of people who want to help and be a part of success. I have learned to judge intentions immediately and only work with those who are as sincere and as passionate as I am.

Toughest career decision: My toughest career decision was changing industries and taking on a company that I started from ground zero.

Biggest ongoing challenge: To always keep the pipeline full of new and excited clients!

The most important part of my business: Making sure that all of the employees are happy, energized and passionate about what they do.

My business works best when: We are working as a team and striving to achieve the same goals.

Best way to stay competitive: We try and see what other companies and similar companies are doing in the marketplace and try to stay one step ahead.

How I measure success: First, by making sure all employees are happy. Second, I measure success by the level of activity. The more food we are producing, the more people we are helping to educate and live a healthy and active lifestyle.


Goals yet to be achieved: Some current goals include partnering with other gyms and professionals in the San Diego health and nutrition industry and working together to provide overall healthy living plans.

My five-year business plan: (Our) five-year plan is to fully integrate (our) approach to healthy eating into everyone’s lives.

I would sell my business only if: I felt that I had reached my fullest potential in growing the company and perhaps somebody else had a different set of skills that could benefit the company.

Guiding principles I will continue to follow: Above all, I believe that customer service is first and foremost! I can’t stress that enough.


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