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Entrepreneur Profile , Jerry L. Hutter

With more than 40 years of accounting experience, it’s no surprise that Jerry Hutter’s latest venture, CFO Strategies Inc., is expected to hit $1 million in revenue by the end of 2007, and after only four years in business.

The company provides professional services to help small-capital and publicly traded companies simplify their Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts, according to the CFO Strategies Web site.

“In this particular case, there’s such a dramatic need for it,” Hutter said. “We can create a product that a lot of people can use. People are really eager for that.”


Name: Jerry L. Hutter.

Title: CEO.

Company: CFO Strategies Inc.

Company address: 12702 Via Cortina, #201, Del Mar.

Company phone: (858) 492-8589.

Year founded: 2003.

Prior business experience: Forty years of accounting experience, including positions as business manager, San Diego Opera; CEO, Ad-Quick Signs Inc.; division controller, Sabreliner Corp.; manager, Alitum Consulting; and senior manager, CBIZ Inc.

Average hours worked weekly: 40 or more.

Source of startup capital: Personal capital and client revenue.

2006 revenue: $579,800.

2005 revenue: $190,000.

Number of employees: 35.

Web site: www.cfostrategiesinc.com.


Birthplace: San Diego.

Education: Bachelor of Science, California State University, Long Beach.

Age: 63.

Current residence: Pacific Beach.

Family: Sons, Del, 45; Grant, 40; Garrett, 38.

Hobbies: Fishing, surfing, sailing, hiking.


Reason for getting into business: I saw a great need for a solution that would significantly simplify and reduce the cost and effort of becoming Sarbanes-Oxley compliant for smaller cap publicly traded corporations.

How I plan to grow the business: The main focus of our growth plan is on education. We are delivering a series of free educational seminars across the country that target both non-accelerated filers facing implementation of SOX compliance and existing accelerated filers that need assistance in taking back control of the compliance process.

Biggest plus of business ownership: It’s an opportunity to apply our education and years of experience to create a team and product that makes a difference.

Biggest drawback: What drawback? I’m living my dream! We work hard, but still make time for some R & R; , fishing together. And surfing is always a great excuse for a “board” meeting.

Biggest business strength: We have an exceptional team in place with a methodology and solution that will change the way small- to medium-sized public companies will do business.

Biggest business weakness: There are just not enough hours in the day to get the message out as fast as I’d like.

Biggest risk: Growing too fast. A good problem to have, yes but it comes with its own set of challenges.

Smartest business decision: Recruiting talented individuals with a passion for being the best and making a difference.

Biggest business mistake: Not starting the business sooner.

Toughest career decision: Quitting public accounting and moving into industry. I don’t regret the decision; it was just hard at the time.

Biggest ongoing challenge: Managing the growth of the company , challenging but exciting.

The most important part of my business: Helping clients solve problems, and helping associates maintain a balanced lifestyle.

My business works best when: Our clients’ interests are aligned with ours and everyone clearly understands what the goals are.

Best way to stay competitive: Empower the client with the information and tools he or she needs for success, by providing educational assistance that facilitates the company’s ability to manage compliance responsibilities.

How I measure success: Client satisfaction and enthusiastic associates and partners.


Goals yet to be achieved: In the short term, I am focused on achieving our first 100 clients.

My five-year business plan: Maintain a leading-edge software solution with a professional services division targeted to educating and assisting clients in implementing and maintaining compliance solutions.

I would sell my business only if: A buyer could demonstrate that their existing marketing structure or capital strength could improve significantly on the direction in which we are headed.

Guiding principles I will continue to follow: I want to make a difference for my clients, my associates, and the accounting industry in general, by continuing to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for their compliance requirements.


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