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‘Digital PR’ Is the ‘New PR’

Some say the Internet has forever changed the way we manage public relations. But the Internet hasn’t changed public relations , brands have. Moreover, the Internet hasn’t changed the way people communicate. Rather, people have changed the way they communicate, gather information, and buy products and services.

The big “paradigm shift” everyone’s talking about isn’t from TV to the Internet, or even from advertising to PR. The shift is from “selling” to “buying” , and “buying” is made possible by the proliferation of brands. Products and services today are bought, not sold.

The key to that “selling” lies in the brand. Likewise, the success of a particular product lies in its brand name, not in the salesperson’s pitch.

People today decide what kind of car to buy before they even get to the lot. They decide what type of toothpaste they want by selecting a familiar brand name from a supermarket shelf, not by listening to a supermarket employee tell them which toothpaste will really make their teeth whiter.

Advertising is for sellers. PR is for buyers.

So what does this mean? Well, the Internet is the ultimate in brand-centered buying.

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Guns Blazing

It’s ground zero in the E-commerce explosion. And to win this war, companies, both online and off, better have their guns blazing with the power of Digital PR.

Digital PR connects buyers to brands. It uses new media, in new ways to deliver the right message not only to the right audience, but to the right individual. This is the one thing corporations have been dreaming of , the ability to communicate one-to-one on a mass scale. Digital PR, with dynamic Web pages tailored to the desires of each user, t

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