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Cynergy Systems Launches Local Online Media Division

Cynergy Systems, a software company based in Washington, D.C., is launching a new media and entertainment division in San Diego.

Cynergy.ME will provide content publishers, from major studios to independents, with tools and services to build applications for streaming media, interactive gaming and social engagement.

Cynergy.ME has built an integrated, end-to-end platform through its distribution, syndication and content partners.

The company provides content distribution through Akamai Technologies’ network of 34,000 servers worldwide. The content will be played on Ooyala and Brightcove media players, which also provide a platform for publishers to control, syndicate and monetize content. Media hosting is through Rackspace, which has an international infrastructure.

Cynergy.ME customers include Sony’s Extreme Music GetTrax and inXile entertainment’s Line Rider.

Cynergy Systems was founded in 1996 by San Diego native Carson Hager, who still lives and works in San Diego.

It has 101 employees and was recently ranked No. 41 on Inc. magazine’s Top 100 Software Companies list. Cynergy had $6.5 million in revenues in 2007, up from $1.1 million in 2004, and is on pace for $15 million in revenues in 2008, according to Hager.

“It’s no longer enough to simply create content, a great game or the next social network. The future of media and entertainment is combining new media and games with social engagement ,” Cynergy Vice President Dave Wolf said. “Cynergy.ME is focused on doing exactly that.”

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Software Success Stories: Seven local software companies were recognized among the nation’s largest by Software Magazine’s Software 500 list. The list ranked software and service providers based on worldwide revenue.

The largest San Diego software company continues to be the defense contractor SAIC, which was the 11th largest software company in the country in 2007. The IT consulting and do-everything company posted $8.3 billion in worldwide revenue in 2007, growing 6.7 percent on the year and employing 44,100 people. Rounding out the list were:

No. 149: Websense, an online security software company, in 2007 posted $211 million in revenues, an 18 percent growth rate from 2006. Websense employs 1,180 people.

No. 372: St. Bernard Software makes security software. The company had sales of $16 million in 2007, down 18 percent from the year before. It has 99 employees.

No. 402: DefenseWeb Technologies is a custom software developer for defense agencies and other federal departments. DefenseWeb is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Humana. It had sales of $12.3 million in 2007, a decrease of 8.6 percent from 2006, with 85 employees.

No. 419: G2 Software Systems software development and engineering firm reported $11 million in revenues in 2007, its first year of operation. It had 85 employees in 2007.

No. 445: Enterprise Informatics, a compliance management firm, increased revenues 28 percent between 2006 and 2007, reporting $9 million in sales and

37 employees.

No. 455: ImageWare Systems ranked 455 with $8 million in revenues, down 8 percent from 2006. The security systems company had 72 employees.

“Companies delivering value are moving up. Scary economic times will reward those firms that deliver customers higher productivity, and help to lower their costs and streamline operations,” said Software Magazine Editor John Desmond.

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