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Commercial Buildings can be inspected

Even in San Diego, building owners and property managers get concerned about how their roofs will hold up through winter rains.

Some of them wait for the first rains and quickly take care of repairs.

Another option available to commercial property owners and managers is regular maintenance.

Eberhard Benton Roofing in San Diego is offering semi-annual roof inspections, maintenance and repairs under a roof maintenance program. About 20 San Diego businesses are participating in the program.

“Building owners typically call us in when a leak occurs after our first October rain,” said Fred Marion, sales manager for Eberhard Benton Roofing. “The roof’s protective seal made of metal flashing has warped or cracked leaving the roof exposed to rain. “Unfortunately, most owners could have spared themselves the disruption and a major repair bill with some minor preventative maintenance.”

In preparation for the Roof Maintenance Program, Eberhard Benton inspects and evaluates a roof’s condition and makes recommendations on needed repair work. The repairs are done at the roof owner’s expense.

The program consists of semi-annual roof inspections, maintenance and repairs. Regular reports are provided to keep property owners informed of conditions that may affect the roof.

Maintenance may include resealing or refilling gaps, cleaning drains to prevent rot leaks, resealing perimeters and checking and resealing all the edge details. The crew of 80 roofers also removes debris from drains, gutters and downspouts and clears all other drainage points.

The annual fee on a roof maintenance contract, which can be transferred to a new building owner, is 5 cents to 10 cents per square foot, depending on the condition of the roof.

“It depends on the age of the roof, has it been maintained, are there a lot of trees in the area and whether the drains are clogged,” Marion said.

Eberhard Benton Roofing estimates a new roof costs between $1.30 and $2.50 per square foot, depending on site access, the required tear-off of the existing roof and the new roof system installed.

“A building owner with 20,000 square feet to cover can easily spend $30,000 to $50,000 for a new tar and asphalt roof with a life of 12 to 15 years,” Marion said.

A maintenance program may extend the life of a roof by three to five years or more, said Marion, comparing the process to routine car maintenance.

“Like a car it needs an oil change,” he said. “If you maintain it, it’s going to last a lot longer.”

Eberhard Benton Roofing has been in San Diego for three years, since Eberhard of Van Nuys merged with Benton of San Diego. Eberhard dates back to 1956 and Benton dates to 1910.


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