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Colleges Contend With Higher Fees, Lower Enrollments

While the down economy currently has little room for recent college graduates, at least one research organization is looking ahead to a time when in-state demand for individuals with degrees exceeds the supply.

In a move to close a staggering $60 billion budget deficit the state has axed funding to its 110 community colleges, as well as the 23-campus California State University and 10-campus University of California systems.

In response, the state’s public colleges and universities , once the envy of the entire country , are increasing student fees and cutting enrollment.

Professors are being furloughed and programs are on the cutting block.

In April, the Public Policy Institute of California warned that funding cuts could result in a shortage of 1 million college-educated workers by 2025.

A Snapshot

During the fall quarter of 2008, UC San Diego counted 28,200 undergraduates and graduates, including 1,729 enrolled in health sciences.

This fall, it expects total enrollment to be 28,485 graduates and undergraduates, including 1,745 in health sciences. The caveat is that prior to the state’s budget crunch, the university expected to be able to enroll 4,100 new freshmen, but that number is being reduced to 3,750.

The university is postponing recruitment of about 100 faculty members and also expects reductions in funding for lecturers, teaching assistants and other instructional support staff during the 2010-11 year, said spokeswoman Stacie Spector.

For the fall quarter resident tuition for full-time undergraduates at UCSD is $3,213. Full-time graduate students will pay $3,644. That compares with $2,969 for full-time undergraduates in the fall quarter of 2008 and $3,358 for full-time graduate students.

San Diego State University anticipates enrolling 4,089 undergraduate freshmen in the fall, as well as 2,787 undergraduate transfer students. Projected total enrollment is 33,039. San Diego State is the largest university in the county and one of the largest CSU schools.

In fall 2008, it admitted 4,339 freshmen and 2,940 undergraduate transfer students. In all, the student population that year totaled 34,889. In 2007, 5,559 freshmen were admitted, as were 3,866 undergraduate transfers and total enrollment was 35,695.

Resident tuition for full-time undergraduates , those with six or more units , is $2,451 per semester this year, up from $1,877 in 2008. Graduate students will pay $2,919 per semester this year, up from $2,231 last year.


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