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Checklist for Relocating a Business

Although there are many things to consider when relocating a business anywhere, a checklist can be helpful, especially for a first-time mover.

Referring to “The Small Company Moving Guide,” by Diane Touleyrou, the Small Business Administration Web site at (www.sba.gov) offers the following:

– Negotiate release of current lease if necessary.

– Reserve new phone numbers or arrange to transfer existing ones.

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– Prepare artwork for announcement letter, business cards, stationery and envelopes.

– Get change of address cards from the post office.

– Make appointments with the utility companies for cutting off and hooking up new services.

– Schedule phone installation.

– Design new office space, including use of old furniture or purchase of new furniture.

– Establish criteria for purging files and throwing out old materials.

– Have custom wiring installed for computer/telephone networks.

– Inform current customers of move.

– Arrange for extra help to pack, clean and unpack.

– Arrange for extra help at home for family needs.

The site also offers other things to consider when moving, such as:

– Saving all receipts since moving expenses are tax deductible.

– Using the move as a reason to store or throw away obsolete paperwork.

– Considering the upgrade of equipment such as telephone systems or computer networks.

– Deciding whether or not you want to keep office furniture. (Unwanted office furniture can be donated to charity for a tax deduction.)

– Choosing whether you will do the packing and moving, or whether you will hire professional help.

– Labeling all boxes clearly.

– Ordering new stationery and literature with the company location after the new address, telephone number and official moving date has been finalized.


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