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Chargers Huddle With Oceanside Mayor

San Diego Chargers President Dean Spanos met with Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood on Jan. 2 regarding an alternative site for a new football stadium.

The site that covers 75 acres and is located just east of Interstate 5 between Oceanside Boulevard and Mission Avenue is occupied by a golf course known as “Goat Hill.”

The Oceanside site brings the number of alternate sites the Chargers are looking at to three. The team has been talking with Chula Vista and National City since May on possible stadium sites in those cities. The Chargers have been looking for a place to build a new stadium after giving up on building a facility at the team’s current site in Mission Valley last year.

The Oceanside site was proposed last year, but city officials then rejected the notion. In October, Wood said he might be persuaded to listen to the Chargers.

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Mark Fabiani, the Chargers’ special counsel, said the recent meeting with Wood was mainly to meet him and see if there was any interest.

Because the golf course site is designated as parkland, building a stadium on it would require a change of use that needs majority approval from city voters.

Since Jan. 1, the Chargers have been legally permitted to talk to any cities in the nation about relocating. Yet the team announced last month that it would not do so. Fabiani said the team would continue to look only at potential sites within the county, and tell interested cities outside San Diego they are pursuing only sites within the county borders.

The Chargers have been attempting to get a new stadium for about four years, mainly at the team’s current home in Mission Valley. However, the team said in January 2006 that it could not broker a deal with the city of San Diego at the Qualcomm Stadium site because of the city’s dire financial condition, and the lack of a development partner.

The team said it needs a new stadium with more luxury boxes to effectively compete with other teams in the National Football League.

, Mike Allen


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