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CD Is an Electronic Orchestra – Musician Mixes Music

Joe Wiedemann is a man of many talents. A Channel 8 news photographer by day, Wiedemann is reproducing his own version of Wall Street’s peaks and valleys every chance he gets.

In his San Diego recording studio, the musician solos on his synthesizer, integrating electronic and orchestral music. His first CD, “Bulls & Bears,” chronicles the highs and lows of the stock market and is a celebration of Wiedemann’s longstanding passion for electronic orchestra.

His desire to create his own music began as a youth.

“It started in high school when I listened to the electronic music album ‘Switched on Bach’ by Walter Carlos,” Wiedemann said.

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After graduating with a degree in music from the University of Evansville in Indiana in 1981, Wiedemann traded in the synthesizer for a news camera, but never completely lost interest in his music.

“Whenever I’d get a minute I’d continue to make music,” Wiedemann said.

“Bulls & Bears” explores a variety of approaches, combining a hybrid of acoustic instruments and electronic orchestra.

“Alien Dance,” for instance, opens with a techno beat and mimics piano and synthesizer music.

“Good News,” with its harpsichord, relaxing classical guitar, bells, strings and horns, is apt to delight jazz lovers, while “Determinato” is marked by a solo piano with a collection of electronic instruments, he said.

The CD, released in October 1999, is available at local music stores, including Tower Records, Sam Goody and Music Trader for $8.99.

It can also be ordered via the Internet at Amazon.com, Broadcast.com, MP3.com and Iuma.com.


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