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Brenda Pierce, District 4

Name: Brenda Pierce

Business: Bronze Beauty Salon

Address: 4965 Imperial Ave., 92113

Stylists: 3

Brenda Pierce is a hairstylist at the Bronze Beauty Salon on Imperial Avenue in the 4th District, and she also serves on the board of the Diamond Development Corp., which oversees the Business Improvement District.

It’s the sort of salon where the locals gather to groom and gab about the big issues facing their district , especially as the Nov. 8 mayoral election looms.

What’s important?

“Having the right stores in our area, so we don’t have to go out of the area,” said Pierce. “The Albertsons on 43rd Street closed. Everyone complains about that. We do have Food 4 Less, but we still need variety like all of the other districts. We need more bus transportation on Imperial. There are not a lot of bus routes that go up and down the street. It would really help out.

“I would like to get the gang violence under control. That bothers me. I would start with the police departments. We need more police and security, having them more visible, going up and down the street, and doing their duties to handle crime. That is a big issue.”

While Pierce said she appreciated the renaissance happening in the district these days, the cost of housing still troubles her, as well as residents who don’t do their part to keep up their neighborhoods.

“People should keep their yards up, and stop throwing clothes over the fence, and no curtains hanging out the windows,” she said. “The residences need to be improved.”

, Pat Broderick


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