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Beach Is a Science Lab For Curious Students

Chances are Tourmaline Beach will never be the same.

Once thought of as just another place of fun in the sun, Tourmaline Beach, located at the north end of Pacific Beach, is now a designated territory of geological studies.

That is in part thanks to 55 scientists , well, let’s say little people with an intuitive doctorate in curiosity , from Casillas Elementary School in Chula Vista who embarked on a learning field trip June 11.

San Diego sponsor Gateway provided the necessary scientific research tools, a van with 12 wireless PCs and color printer, for kids to use.

Jim Esterbrooks, public information officer at the San Diego County Office of Education, gave this first trip of its kind a thumbs up.

“The trip went well,” Esterbrooks said.

The kids, who split into teams, enjoyed the hands-on, real-time training at the beach.

“In the science part, they looked at the size of granules, different types of dirt and the components of the bluff,” he said.

Teachers and real scientists from SDSU stood by to help the children analyze the data using Gateway’s computers.

Esterbrooks projects other trips will follow to explore the “fascinating laboratory.”

He said the county is grateful to Gateway for providing the “Gateway Mobile Technology Vehicle,” which makes learning fun and exciting for local school children.

Watch out Tourmaline Beach your lazy sun-worshipping days are numbered.


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