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ScienceMedia Partners with UL Solutions

HEALTH TECH: Training Solution Joins ComplianceWire

SAN DIEGO – More healthcare providers will have access to training tools in their field through a new agreement between San Diego-based ScienceMedia and the global safety science company UL Solutions.

ScienceMedia has a Netflix-like library of more than 400 training videos and UL Solutions’ ComplianceWire has 3.3 million users and more than 1,000 e-learning training modules on navigating life science regulations, workforce training and reporting requirements.

As part of this partnership, UL Solutions will integrate ScienceMedia’s SMi Source, its clinical and therapeutic area multimodal training solution, into the ComplianceWire platform.

Mark Surles

“I think the takeaway message is the availability of both of these individual resources being made available together is going to be more seamless and easier for the industry to consume and adopt the solutions,” said Malachi Bierstein, chief commercial officer for ScienceMedia.

“If you’re following the industry and keeping an eye on things, there’s always a request for things to work more seamlessly together,” he said. “So that’s the end benefit.”

A Greater Reach

Bierstein said it is too soon to project how many more clients will have access to each of the companies’ solutions, but he knew it would increase.

“It’s about reach,” he said. “ComplianceWire has a very, very broad reach out into the marketplace. And now having our library available to their existing user base will really be a huge benefit to the industry.”

ComplianceWire is used by pharmaceutical, medical device and biologics companies worldwide as well as regulatory authorities in key markets like the U.S., China, Brazil and India.

Malachi Bierstein
Chief Commercial Officer

Ben Cronin, vice president and general manager of software and advisory for UL Solutions, said the integration of SMI Source in the ComplianceWire platform is a milestone in the industry.

“Through this collaboration, we reaffirm our dedication to providing customers with best-in-class training solutions that empower organizations and individuals to meet the evolving demands of regulatory compliance while driving continuous improvement in product safety and quality assurance.”

Philip Bedrin, vice president of medical and clinical solutions at ScienceMedia, also was enthused about the partnership.

“This collaboration is a no-brainer for us,” he said. “SMi Source shares a common goal with ComplianceWire in facilitating compliance with evolving FDA regulations through up-to-date training courses.”

Bierstein said ScienceMedia was founded about 30 years ago as a healthcare education service, but it shifted to providing a product 12 years ago.

That product was a library of multimedia learning tools that take a mindflow approach.

“Mindflow is all based on the cognitive theory of multi-video learning combined with the principles of adult education, which are to teach something in small, bite-size chunks, and then reinforce them,” Bierstein said.

Ben Cronin
Vice President and General Manager of Software and Advisory
UL Solutions

Looking at things, reading things and listening to things engages a learner, and Bierstein said it is one of the reasons YouTube is so popular.

Bierstein said the approach is more efficient than tools such as PowerPoint.

“Traditionally, if you’re kind of learning through a death by PowerPoint, you’re having somebody talk and change slides, and it’s very text-heavy,” he said. “There might be some images, but you’re just sitting there and you’re falling asleep. And you leave the session and you don’t remember anything. The forgetting curve kicks in within 24 hours.”

Bierstein does not see much competition for ScienceMedia’s product.

“There’s a lot of learning out there, but we don’t really run into a lot of competition, because nobody’s really built things the way that we built them,” he said. “I would say that our biggest competition are either internal medical teams at pharmaceutical companies that might be creating similar content, or they’re creating PowerPoints of similar content, or doing nothing. They’re just not educating on this in these areas.”

ScienceMedia launched its SMI Trial platform about seven years ago to minimize the startup time and ensure integrity through the life of clinical studies.

Philip Bedrin
VP, Medical & Clinical Solutions

More than 100 studies have used the product with positive results, Bierstein said.

Some of the biggest issues in clinical research are protocol deviations and screen failures, or subjects who drop out of studies because they were not screened properly, costing researchers time and money.

Bierstein said the SMI Trial platform has reduced protocol deviations by 30%, cut startup time by 50% and reduced screen failures by 20%.

FOUNDED: 30+ years ago
CEO: Mark Surles
HEADQUARTERS: University City
BUSINESS: Health Tech specializing in training solutions for the healthcare industry
WEBSITE: https://www.sciencemedia.com
CONTACT: 866-935-4845
SOCIAL IMPACT: ScienceMedia’s products have helped clinical trails cut startup times and run more efficiently.
NOTABLE: UL Solutions is 130 years old with 80,000 customers in more than 100 countries.


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