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San Diego
Tuesday, May 21, 2024

MD Revolution Expanding Into New Markets

HEALTHCARE: NavCare Acquisition Adds Southeast Health Systems

MD Revolution is revving up expansion plans following several years of already rapid growth.

The San Diego-based provider of remote care management and clinical services announced early last month (Aug. 1) it had acquired Augusta, Georgia-based NavCare, a remote patient care services company specializing in comprehensive chronic care management.

Kyle Williams
MD Revolution

“They have some really strong clients – large medical networks such as Augusta University, formerly known as the Medical College of Georgia,” said MD Revolution CEO Kyle Williams, adding that NavCare was a direct competitor that had been of MD Revolution’s radar for years.

Williams said NavCare’s focus on healthcare systems complements MD Revolution’s focus on clinics and specialists, making the two companies a “really good match.”

“They have 10,000-plus more patients that are now part of our ecosystem,” he said. “They also have a large clinical team; 50-plus clinicians under their umbrella, and that’s an area that we want to grow on the clinical services side as well.”

In addition to the expanded customer base in the Southeast, the NavCare acquisition expands MD Revolution’s reach into transition care management, which helps discharged patients from being readmitted back into the hospital following surgery or a traumatic event like a heart attack.

“It’s a really good point for us to start engaging with them,” Williams said. “We’re looking forward to [NavCare’s] expertise in that type of service.”

Expanding Management Team

For NavCare’s clients, the acquisition will mean access to MD Revolution’s RevUP Care Management Platform – an enhanced clinical and patient management tool and patient engagement application. Direct patient care will continue to be delivered by the same teams as NavCare patients migrate to the MD Revolution platform.

Rick Griffin

“MD Revolution offers not only extensive experience but also the best technology platform, and proven SaaS offering, to serve our growing client base” said  NavCare CEO Rick Griffin. “We share the same culture and desire to provide exceptional personalized care to our patients, along with maintaining the highest clinical standards.”

In addition to absorbing NavCare’s employees, MD Revolution is adding parts of the company’s management team to expand its C-Suite with “roles we did not have previously,” Williams said. “It allows the rest of the management team from the MDR side to have a little more focus in our previous responsibilities.”

NavCare’s Chris MacInnis  will become chief operating officer of MD Revolution and  Theresa Lantz  will become vice president of client success.

Rapid Growth

The NavCare acquisition is the latest stage of growth for MD Revolution, which grew 250% between 2019 and 2022. Williams said the catalyst for the steady growth at MD Revolution over the past seven years was the “launch of a variety of Medicare reimbursable programs.”

“Medicare came to the table in 2016, 2017. They realized the patient-physician relationship is important, but there’s a lot of adherence to treatment plans, medications, other lifestyle changes and other types of care that need to be delivered at home and can be delivered at home,” he said.

Medicare reimbursement programs for remote care opened up a market of 65 million patients for MD Revolution. The company serves around 75,000 of those patients on its platform today.

“So, a lot of room to grow,” Williams said, adding that last year MD Revolution generated more than $10 million in revenue. “And we’ll do 70-80% more than that this year easily.”

Part of that projected growth is in branching out into new markets.

“Medicare is a very reliable payer – it’s a huge segment of the population – but our technology is capable of making big changes in other populations,” Williams said. “Managed Medicaid, traditional employer-based insurance programs – those are big areas for us to get involved in.”

In addition to expanding markets, MD Revolution is also continually expanding its platform, which utilizes patient health and medical records and integrates them with monitoring devices, including wearables like Fitbit and Apple Watch.

“Now we’re able to do more and the doctors are getting reimbursed to read cellular-based blood pressure cuffs, cellular-based scales, CPAP machines,” Williams said. “We’re doing a project right now for continuous glucose monitoring with Dexcom – bringing that data in as well.”

From the “patient engagement perspective,” he added, “we’re keeping in contact 24/7 when they’re not at the physician’s office.”

MD Revolution, Inc.

Founded: 2011
CEO: Kyle Williams
Headquarters: San Diego
Business: remote care management and clinical services
Revenue: >$10 million (2022)
Employees: 100+
Notable: MD Revolution has been named to the Inc. 5000, the magazine’s annual list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, for three years in a row. This year at number 2,256.


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