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All-Women SD Therapy Team Celebrates Success

HEALTHCARE: Pandemic-Born Female Counseling Startup Grows

The all-female team of therapists at San Diego’s  Clear Mind  Counseling San Diego  are celebrating the practice’s rapid growth after owner and co-founder  Stephanie Rosenfeld, LMFT  took a leap of faith in launching the new venture during the COVID lockdowns.

Stephanie Rosenfeld, LMFT
Owner and Co-founder
Clear Mind  Counseling  San Diego

“Living, working and raising kids from a converted  garage  as  your  home office for 18 months really builds character!” Stephanie told the  Business Journal.

After 15 years in private practice  as a local therapist specializing in the treatment of anxiety, depression, couples counseling and executive coaching,  Clear Mind was born in 2021  with the help of husband and co-founder  Jordan Rosenfeld.

During this time, Stephanie couldn’t meet  clients  in person, so she resorted to virtual  therapy. “Yet we managed to make it work and given all the calls that we were receiving for services, we decided to start hiring additional staff,” Jordan said.

Jordan Rosenfeld
Clear Mind  Counseling  San Diego

Year to date, Stephanie and the Clear Mind Counseling team have helped more than 2,000 San Diegans.

According to community-based nonprofit  Mental Health America, there  was  a  500% increase across the U.S. in people seeking out mental health counseling during the height of the pandemic.

“Within the first 12  months of business, we went from one therapist to nine. We also have had the privilege of helping over 1,000 clients in our  first  full  year of business,” said Stephanie – a San Diego native.

She and her therapists – all women – now work out of an office space at the Nobel Executive Center in La Jolla. “Nothing feels better than being a  lady  boss!” she exclaimed. “I have immensely enjoyed mentoring and coaching other therapists and helping  them reach their highest potential in the therapy room. Seeing people love showing up to work and being collaborative and supportive of each other is a dream come true.”

The practice specializes in a type of treatment called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy, which are both  evidence-based  and  widely recognized therapeutic ways to help alleviate symptoms of  stress,  anxiety and depression.

Other mental health issues they cover include  couples counseling, trauma, eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

“Our approach appeals to business-minded individuals and couples that are high achievers and appreciate a smart and effective approach to handling life’s problems. We serve many industry professionals in biotechnology, engineering, medicine, attorneys, real estate professionals and military personnel,” Stephanie explained. Jordan added, “We have a number of members of the business community in our practice, ranging from recent college graduates in their first job all the way through to C-level executives. Our approach works particularly well with business professionals because we are direct and solution-oriented.”

Clear Mind Counseling offers both telehealth and in-person visits, given the benefits of face-to-face treatments for patients who experienced months of social isolation during the pandemic. In fact, most of their visits are now in the office.

“Now that the world has normalized a bit, we are seeing the majority of  our clients wanting an ‘in-person therapy experience’, Stephanie explained. She and Jordan don’t see that stopping. “Like most business arrangements that seemed ascendant and permanent during COVID (i.e. remote work), we believe virtual therapy is on the decline. We already see government agencies like the  Drug Enforcement Agency  reining  in virtual treatment options for medical professionals as a result of questionable practices that were known to have occurred during COVID,” Jordan said. “While it can work and does provide some benefits, we believe that the best and most effective forms of psychotherapy are done in person.”

With May designated as Mental Health Awareness Month, the Rosenfelds are announcing plans to open a second location in Downtown San Diego  and are working with psychiatrists to offer medication management as well. A third location may also be on the horizon.

Clear Mind Counseling San Diego

COFOUNDERS: Stephanie and Jordan Rosenfeld
BUSINESS: Counseling and therapy
WEBSITE:  clearmindcounselingsd.com
CONTACT:  info@clearmindcounseling.com
NOTABLE: Clear Mind Counseling treated more than 1,000 San Diegans in 2022, its second year of operation since it launched during the height of the pandemic.


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